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Arts & Sciences

STI's Arts and Sciences programs are designed to teach students the theoretical knowledge and creative principles they need to practice communication in various contexts and professions. With hands-on training under seasoned professionals, graduates are ready to be effective communicators in the fields of broadcasting, print, new media, and advertising, among others.
The BA Communication program aims to develop students to become effective communication professionals for different industries. Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills in the theory and ethical practice of communication with focus on various media professions. The integration of classroom, laboratory, and on-the-job-training aims to develop the students' oral and written communication proficiency, research skills, and creativity in the fields of broadcasting, print, new media, advertising, theater arts, film, and photography.


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The two-year Multimedia Arts program is designed to jumpstart the career of students in the field of digital arts. Through learning the fundamental knowledge on creative principles, visual design, 2D and 3D animation, and multimedia production, students will be able to demonstrate their creativity in developing designs using combined forms of various media for diverse applications.


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