STI Student Tops Puregold CinePanalo Film Fest

By: Graceline Marcelo , April 2, 2024

In a remarkable display of talent and perseverance, STI College Cubao student Jenievive Adame emerged victorious at the first Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival last March 17, 2024.

The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts (BMMA) 4th-year student brought home a handful of awards for her short film "Smokey Journey".

Going up against 24 entries, the film won 1st place in the MTRCB Responsableng Paglikha Award, the Puregold's Choice 'Always Panalo' Award, Best Cast Ensemble, and the Best Musical Scoring (Bernie Del Carmen). Adame also received a Mowelfund Film Institute's Scholarship Award.

Jenievive Adame, took home 5 film awards with her short film 'Smokey Journey'
Jenievive awarded the Mowelfund Film Institute's Scholarship Award with Res S. Cortez, Mowelfund President and CEO, and Boots Anson Roa-Rodrigo, Chairman of Mowelfund
Jenievive on stage accepting the MTRCB Responsableng Paglikha Award handed by MTRCB Board Members Jan Marini Alano, Director Neal Del Rosario, and Walk of Fame Star awardee Director Antonio "Tony" Reyes
Jenievive with the two-lead casts of Smokey Journey, Maxine Cruz and Neth Canosa receiving the Best Cast Ensemble Award

The journey to success though was not without challenges. For starters, the production team experienced noise disturbances at the location they were filming.

"Our shoot location was located beside a busy highway," stressed Adame. "This created significant noise that hindered high-quality audio for the film," she added.

Moreover, they encountered scheduling conflicts with the location and cast that required them to make sudden changes to the production plan. Technical difficulties arose even during the day of the premier itself when issues with color grading surfaced during a tech run.

But with their eyes set on the ultimate prize, and with a change-adept attitude and sheer teamwork, the crew was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

"We adapted to the situation, rewrote the script, readjusted the schedules, and brainstormed for alternative solutions without compromising the timeframe," she said. "We had to be resourceful in navigating these unforeseen inconveniences," she added.

Jenievive and the Tanglaw Production team with Chris Cahilig, the Puregold CinePanalo Film Festival Director

Now with the film garnering multiple major awards, the BMMA senior expressed immense gratitude to Puregold and Cris Cahilig, the film festival director, for providing the platform and opportunity to bring her vision to life on the big screen, and to everyone involved in the film.

As she was accompanied by her fellow STI classmates, who are also part of the Tanglaw Production team that contributed to the creation of 'Smokey Journey' from beginning to end.

"I would like to thank Puregold and Mr. Chris Cahilig for giving me the canvas to paint this story," she said.

Jenievive with her classmate, Lloyd Garciano, the Assistant Director, Editor, Sound Designer, Camera Operator, Cinematographer, and Colorist
Jenievive and Lloyd with their classmate, Mark Satore, the Associate Producer who also juggled the roles of Production Manager, Art Director, Smoke Machine Operator, Wardrobe Head, and Casting Associate

"I would also like to thank my classmates Lloyd, Mark, and the people behind Tanglaw Productions; and my family who took care of the technicalities in the production," she added.

Tanglaw Production crew members consisting of Jonalyn Dig, Kim Alexia San Jose, who are also students from STI College Cubao, and Chrysene John Co Garcia
Group photo of, Jenievive, the Tanglaw Productions, and the casts of 'Smokey Journey'
Group photo of, Jenievive, the Tanglaw Productions, and the casts of 'Smokey Journey'

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old acknowledged STI College's support in endorsing the film.

"STI played a massive part in promoting the film, posting it on social media for everyone to be aware of it," she said. "Their financial support and promotion on social media significantly contributed to the film's recognition and success," she added.

Moving forward, Jenievive aims to continue her passion for filmmaking, participating in more film festivals, and sharing compelling stories with a wider audience.

Her journey exemplifies the fruits of what one's dedication, creativity, and determination may bring to the table. It serves as a testament to the institution's commitment to nurturing and providing learners with the knowledge to become achievers in their chosen fields of endeavors.