STI & UNILAB Foundation for Students' Mental Wellness

By: Alyssah Lucman , March 18, 2024

In a pioneering effort to address the rising number of mental health issues among the youth, STI College, in collaboration with the UNILAB Foundation through its the mental health and wellbeing pillar Heads Up PH, successfully conducted the RACE Against Suicide Training of Trainers on December 19-20, 2023, at the STI Academic Center Ortigas-Cainta. 

The RACE Against Suicide Training initiative is designed to equip educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and address warning signs of suicide among students. This evidence-based mental health intervention program is tailored specifically for teachers and other school personnel who play a crucial role in the holistic development of students. 

"This partnership aligns with our mission to create an environment where students not only excel academically but also thrive mentally. We believe that addressing mental health is pivotal in nurturing resilient and successful individuals,” said Fernando T. Dantes, STI-ESG's AVP for Academics.   

Dr. Sophia Mendoza, RGC, RPm leads the RACE Against Suicide Training of Trainers at the STI College Ortigas-Cainta
Dr. Sophia Mendoza, RGC, RPm leads the RACE Against Suicide Training of Trainers at the STI College Ortigas-Cainta
School guidance counselors and registered psychometricians participated in a roleplay session as part of the simulation activities
RACE Against Suicide Training of Trainers with the participating school guidance counselors and the team from UNILAB Foundation

The training is set in two phases: First at the recently concluded Training of Trainers  headed by Dr. Sophia Mendoza, RGC, RPmwherein she shared herexpertise with the registered guidance counselors and licensed psychometricians of various STI College campuses. Secondly, the most noteworthy aspect of this programis its ripple effect in equipping teaching staff and non-teachingwith mental health first aid skills to identify and support the students.  

This  project aims to empower school staff and those in the academe with tools that will contribute to the holistic well-being of the student body, placing a strong emphasis on mental health.  

By extending the knowledge acquired during the RACE Against Suicide Training, STI educators and staff will be better prepared to develop a sensitive and empathic community within the campus and address the mental health concerns of students and their families or guardians effectively.  

With over 117,000 STI students across the country, the program presents a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the mental health of a large number of students nationwide. 

As the RACE Against Suicide Training sets its wheels in motion, it reflects a collective commitment to fostering a culture of understanding, support, and proactive intervention when it comes to the mental health challenges faced by students in today's educational landscape.