A Career Path at Citibank for STI Students

By: Allysa Nievera , October 18, 2023

In the corridors of knowledge at STI College, the students' dreams and aspirations are reaching new heights. In pursuing a brighter future, Citibank, a global financial titan, has opened its doors to impart invaluable wisdom about future careers in the ever-evolving field of Information Technology.

The career talk was held at STI Academic Center Ortigas Cainta on September 22, 2023.

Citibank has opened another door of opportunity for the top students of STI College Global City and STI College Ortigas-Cainta to peek at what's waiting for them after graduation.


Citibank career talk held at STI Academic Center Ortigas-Cainta.

STI ESG VP for Academics Aisa Hipolito delivered her opening remarks.

STI students listen to Citibank Senior Vice President Raymond Borromeo as he talks about career opportunities in Citibank.

Citibank Senior Vice President Raymond Borromeo


They discussed the different career opportunities in Citibank Philippines such as the Graduate Analyst program wherein they hire analysts and rotate them to other groups for one year to help them determine what group they want to join.

STI alumnus Raymond Borromeo's journey resonates profoundly with the students at STI as he once sat where they do now, striving for a promising career in the world of technology.

He also shared that they are planning to hire STI students even before graduation to join Citibank as IT professionals.


Information Technology students from STI Colleges Global City and Ortigas-Cainta. 

Information Technology students from STI Colleges Global City and Ortigas-Cainta. 

Information Technology students from STI Colleges Global City and Ortigas-Cainta.

Information Technology students from STI Colleges Global City and Ortigas-Cainta. 


Specialization Paves the Way: In the vast landscape of technology, carving a niche for yourself by becoming an expert in a specific domain can set you on a path to success.
The Power of Diligence: Success is not handed out; it's earned through hard work, dedication, and persistence. Set your goals, chart your path, and put in the effort; the rewards will follow.
Loyalty and Commitment: Staying loyal to your organization and dedicated to your work can forge enduring, rewarding relationships. Commitment can be the cornerstone of a fulfilling career.
He underscored the role of IBM mainframe technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the catalysts of a revolution that reshaped the banking and technology landscapes.  
This October, the doors to knowledge will swing wide open as STI students gain access to IBM Z concepts, a fundamental technology at the core of Citibank's operations.  
This collaboration promises STI students a unique hands-on experience and a launchpad for their future careers in IT.
As STI students look toward a future filled with endless possibilities, Citibank's insights and Raymond Borromeo's wealth of knowledge stand as guiding stars.  
The partnership between Citibank and STI is bridging the gap between education and professional life, equipping students with the knowledge, determination, and loyalty to shape the future of IT careers.  
As Citibank and STI embark on this collaborative journey, the future of IT careers is indeed a promising one. The Enrollment to Employment (E2E) integration brings exciting opportunities and the stage is set for a new generation of IT leaders to shape the future.