Thinking IT Forward: The visionary who saw the Future of Technology

During the younger years of the computer industry, Raymond Borromeo already saw its potential to grow and decided to take up programming courses which he knew would take him to the top of the game. And it was no easy climb up.

While taking programming classes during his college days at STI College—EDSA-Crossing (now STI College—Shaw), Raymond was working as a student assistant, already building up a career in the IT industry. Unhindered by the lack of computers and scope of computer literacy in his time, Raymond took advantage of the hands-on training that his school provided him. He practiced with the available computers at his school to develop his skills because he foresaw a future where these machines will make learning much easier for everyone, and will quicken the development of big industries.

Wasting no time after college, he took his next step by working as a computer facilitator. He took a higher step with a better career at IBM, eventually having his chance to take a leap to another country, Singapore, where he began working at another global company, Citi.

From a low post, he used his persistence as a ladder to advance his way from late night duties and carrying heavy equipment when he was still starting to where he is today, handling the data center of the company for the whole Asia and Europe as the Senior Vice President of Technology. Raymond has found his place at the IT industry because he believes that his roots in technology made him think like a computer. He was so attached to his field that he would oftentimes find himself curiously tinkering on new technology as quickly as it arrives.

Proud of his lineage, he says that being hardworking is part of his trait as a Filipino, which also helped pull him up. But most of all, he values education and perseverance as important parts of his success.

"Education is key," he shares. "Every time I see somebody, the young ones, I tell them (they) have to finish (their) education. Perseverance follows. Even though you're very skilled, if you don't persevere with what you're doing, you won't reach success."

Raymond's passion for continuous learning paved way for his ambitious path to a higher ground. But he was never content as he still continues to push himself to learn more that will benefit his growth in career, and as a person.