STI Student Leader, Among Top 10 Jose Rizal Model Students

February 7, 2024

By: Markharem Blanquisco, February 7, 2024

Bobby A. Rodriguez, III, a 4th year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student from STI West Negros University earned a coveted spot in the 34th Search for the Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines organized by the Knights of Rizal (KOR).

In a commendable achievement, STI hails the inclusion of Rodriguez in the Top 10 along with other prestigious colleges and universities in the country – recognizing outstanding students who exemplify the ideals of the national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

“Being acknowledged among the brightest minds from universities across the Philippines was not just a personal achievement but also a validation of my efforts in leadership and community service. I was honored to represent my university and community on such a prestigious platform, realizing the opportunity to inspire and empower other young leaders,” shared Rodriguez.

Emphasizing the commitment to nurturing well-rounded and exemplary students, STI conducted a local search in November 2023 among its network of schools. The institution’s dedication to providing holistic education is reflected in Rodriguez’s success in showcasing the graduate attributes of STI, academic excellence, and civic responsibility.

His journey in the 34th Search for the Jose Rizal Model Students stands as a testament to the academic institution’s commitment to producing students who contribute positively to the STI community and society at large, embodying the values of a true Filipino student leader.