Unveiling One's Identity Mark STI Tagisan ng Sining '23

By: Miguel La Torre , June 3, 2024

In a vibrant display of creativity and perspective, STI College students showcased remarkable dedication and storytelling talent in the STI Tagisan ng Sining 2023 competitions. 

Over a hundred entries captured the eyes and hearts of the audience in the Director’s Cut Videomaking competition and Shutter’s Best Photography competition with their powerful narratives and striking images that celebrate diversity and individuality. 

Identifying Who I Am 

This year’s Director's Cut Videomaking competition showcased the hard work put in by 59 groups from STI campuses nationwide. 

Adhering to the theme “Who I Am,” the students produced short films narrating their journey in understanding who they are, and how one rises above life’s challenges by overcoming their limitations, maximizing their inner strengths, and making a positive and meaningful impact. 

Reminding everyone of their “why”, STI College Angeles’ Suzette Lian Aunario, Aizzle Ann David, and Prince Martinez clinched the National Championship with their short film Bigat ng Paleta


STI College Dasmariñas’ Marianne Rochel Manzano, RaycamilleBentoy, and Bibina Dejaño believe that everyone in this universe is connected in their masterpiece, Estranghero, finishing as this year’s 1st Runner-up


2nd Runners-up Maristela Manzanillo, Janica Handayan, and Mark Angelo Lozano from STI College Fairview showed in their romance-comedy film Suklay the importance of forgiveness and how it goes a long way in this world


For STI College Calamba’s Jerold Langga, John Christian Dimapilis, and Roihmic Leones’ Palimos Po, a stranger's words can sometimes make all the difference in the world, which paved the way for them to bring home the 3rd Runner-up title


Untitled, an inspiring short from Rain Dela Cruz, Jake Cabuhay, and Judah Ezra Espedido of STI Collee Caloocan tells that focusing on things that truly matter will bring clarity and purpose, bringing home the 4th Runner-up plum


Overcoming One’s Limitations 

Over at the Shutter’s Best Photography competition, student photographers stood out with their unique way of capturing slices of life. With the theme “Vibeshift,” the students captured their own perspective on what it means to overcome one’s limitations and maximize inner strengths to rise above life’s challenges. 

“Heart of the Chinatown’s River” from Jun Benedicto Erlano of STI College Pasay-EDSA bagged the national champion plum for this year


STI College Lucena’s Kyla Mae Gomez finished as the 1st Runner-up with her “Carrying My Strength” masterpiece


Van Excel Arroyo of STI College Caloocan bagged the 2nd Runner-up title with “Warcry”


“In Perspective” by Nazheir Noel Lucas of STI College Carmona clinched the 3rd Runner-up title


“Klyde Kirk Peape of STI College Dasmariñas clinched the 4th Runner-up title for this year


“Participating in the TNS competition not only provided me with a platform to compete,” Jun Erlano, champion of the Shutter’s Best competition said. “It offered me valuable learning experiences too,” he added. 

Like the Tagisan ng Talino competition, the TNS has become the institution’s annual tradition of providing students with the opportunity to harness their creativity and practice their skills. Such events immerse students in real-life situations that are not usually found inside the classroom. 

“The goal is to let our students engage themselves, let them elevate their skills,” STI Education Services Group (STI ESG) Assistant Vice President Ferdie T. Dantes said. “It aims to guide them to reflect on who they are and embrace their uniqueness, one photo or film at a time,” he added. 

See the complete list of TNS champions and winners here:    

Director’s Cut 


Bigat ng Paleta 

Suzette Lian Aunaro 

Aizzle Ann David 

Prince Martinez 

STI College Angeles 

1st Runner-up 


Marianne Rochel Manzano 



STI College Dasmariñas 

2nd Runner-up 


Maristela Manzanillo 

Janica Handayan 

Mark Angelo Lozano 

STI College Fairview 

3rd Runner-up 

Palimos Po 

Jerold Langga 

John Christian Dimapilis 

Roihmic Leones 

STI College Calamba 

4th Runner-up 


Rain Dela Cruz 

Jake Cabuhay 

Judah Ezra Espedido 

STI College Caloocan 

Shutter’s Best 


Heart of the Chinatown’s River 

Jun Benedicto Erlano 

STI College Pasay-EDSA 

1st Runner-up 

Carrying My Strength 

Kyla Mae Gomez 

STI College Lucena 

2nd Runner-up 


Van Excel Arroyo 

STI College Caloocan 

3rd Runner-up 

In Perspective 

Nazheir Noel Luces 

STI College Carmona 

4th Runner-up 

Klyde Kirk Peape 

STI College Dasmariñas