ABM Students Win in RCBC DiskartechPreneur Contest

By: Allysa Nievera , July 12, 2023

A group of talented senior high school students from the Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) strand at STI College Batangas, namely Mary Angeline D. Balmes, Nerie A. Balmes, Nadine M. Caringal, Irish Rein M. Del Mundo, and Irish Shayne M. Sumalabe, achieved remarkable success by securing the 3rd runner-up spot in the RCBC DiskarTechPreneur contest held on July 4, 2023.

The awarding ceremony took place at the RCBC Collaboration Hub, located at Yuchengco Centre in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

ABM Senior High School students with their coach Ms. Ivy Berana during the awarding ceremony of the DiskarTechPreneur boot camp and competition on July 4, 2023.

ABM Senior High School students with their coach Ms. Ivy Berana during the awarding ceremony of the DiskarTechPreneur boot camp and competition on July 4, 2023.

The competition, spearheaded by Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation's (RCBC) popular mobile financial application DiskarTech and in coordination with the Department of Education (DepEd), aimed to showcase the students' entrepreneurial skills and talents.

Among all the participants from NCR and CALABARZON, STI College Batangas was chosen as one of the top 20 finalists, demonstrating the students' exceptional business skills and innovative thinking.

Some of the competing schools were Calamba Bayside Integrated High School, Batasan Hills National High School, Cabuyao Institute of Technology, Las Pinas National High School, and Mapua University Senior High School, among others.

During the boot camp, the participating students learn business by doing business through comprehensive training on how to start a business venture. Overall, the camp fostered a collaborative and interactive environment, allowing them to exchange ideas, seek guidance from industry experts, and gain valuable insights.

Under the guidance of their coach, Ms. Ivy A. Berana, these bright young minds successfully conceptualized, produced, and sold a unique product called Fried-sushi Plant, which garnered significant attention. The fried-sushi plant is a creative twist on the traditional sushi roll, with an eggplant-based wrapper. The idea for using eggplant skin as a wrapper stemmed from the students' desire to reduce food waste and harness the nutritional benefits found within eggplant skins.


The poster of the Fried-Sushi Plant

A batch of orders of the fried-sushi plant

A batch of orders of the fried-sushi plant

The team, despite juggling academic work and various projects, managed to prioritize the production and delivery of their fried-sushi plant, which required immediate consumption to ensure its freshness. To overcome these hurdles, they dedicated their mornings to preparing the sushi before attending their classes, making sure that their customers received a fresh and delectable product.

When asked about their inspiration for joining the contest, Irish Sumalabe, one of the team members, mentioned their admiration for successful entrepreneurs who have revolutionized industries through innovative solutions.

The ABM students during the Business Management Day at STI College Batangas on May 12, 2023.

"The thought of creating a product that will somewhat help society was enough for us to be inspired to do this project. We wanted to make an impact and gain experiences that we will be proud of sharing with others, she said.

As part of the contest, the students participated in a live selling event on a streaming platform, alongside influencers. Although their location in Batangas limited their sales of fried-sushi plant rolls, the team remained grateful for the exposure and experience they gained during the competition.

Students joined the live selling at a streaming app to feature and sell their product

Their success in the RCBC DiskarTechPreneur contest not only highlights their talent but also showcases the potential and promising future of the younger generation in the field of entrepreneurship.

"As the coach of this team, I am very proud of their commitment and growth throughout the competition, despite facing challenges and juggling school obligations. They showed remarkable dedication and teamwork. Their decision to pursue the project was driven by their passion to seize opportunities and venture into the business industry someday," Berana said.

The unwavering support and encouragement from STI College Batangas and their loved ones served as a driving force behind their passion and determination throughout the project.

The success of the students at the DiskarTechPreneur boot camp is a testament to STI's commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial mindset through opportunities that empower its students and become future leaders in their respective fields.