5 Jobs that May Not Exist in the Future

October 26, 2022

In this present age, technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics are now carrying out tasks that we usually see people do. Therefore, it`s better to know what jobs are at risk of being obsolete or outdated so you can make the right decision for your future career path.

Here are the professional jobs that once dominated the labor force but might eventually be replaced by technology:



With chatbots on the rise, businesses start to use them for practicality and feasibility. Hence, leaving professionals on the edge.



Technology has made it easy for businesses to collect and analyze data automatically and in a timely manner. Because of this innovation, we continuously see a decline of recruits in this field.



Many companies are already using AI analytics in acquiring comprehensive market reports or data for their businesses. With its prevalence, it threatens the position of market researchers in the industry.



There are now apps that can easily proofread and edit your write-ups with a simple click. Because of its accessibility and affordability, we may see companies trade their professionals with these applications in the following years.



Hotels and airlines are now implementing auto check-ins for the convenience of their clients. Especially now that contactless transactions are widely encouraged due to the pandemic,
many faced unemployment or changes in their career.




With how fast technology is evolving to help us with our mundane routine and demanding tasks, you must make a future-proof choice in your senior high school track or college program to ensure that you will be ready for what’s ahead.

Source: https://www.saviom.com/blog/12-jobs-that-robots-ai-will-replace-in-the-future-and-12-that-wont/