How to Make the Most of Your #FirstDayHigh

By: Graceline Marcelo , August 29, 2023

Having a good impression on your first day of school is important.

The impression you create on the first day can impact your overall school experience and shape the relationships and opportunities that unfold in the days and months ahead. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Here are some tips to help you make that positive impact:

Dress appropriately

Wear clean and comfortable clothes that adhere to the school's dress code. Dressing neatly shows that you take the first day seriously and respect the school environment.

Be punctual

Arrive at school on time or a few minutes early. Being punctual demonstrates responsibility and respect for others' time.

Be prepared

Bring all necessary materials and supplies to class. Being prepared shows that you are organized and ready to learn.

Be friendly and approachable

Smile, maintain open body language, show empathy, greet your classmates and teachers with enthusiasm, and engage in friendly conversation. Being approachable makes it easier for others to approach you and be friends with you.

Listen actively

There’s a difference between plain hearing and active listening. Plain hearing is passive where you hear sounds and words, while in active listening you are engaging — you understand, respond, and connect. It requires your attention, you ask questions, and you respond thoughtfully, which shows that you are engaged and eager to learn.

Participate in activities

Join any ice-breaking activities or group discussions. Participating shows your willingness to be a part of the school community.

Be respectful

Treat everyone with respect including fellow students, teachers, and staff. Respect is a fundamental aspect of creating a positive first impression.

Even if you feel a bit nervous, try to maintain a positive attitude. It can help you overcome any challenges and make the best of your first day.

When you show that you're excited, confident, and approachable, people will see you as someone who’s ready to learn and be part of the school community. This will help you communicate better and work well with others.