Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Tuition fees
  • Other School or Special fees
  • Miscellaneous fees

  • Students
  • Parents or relatives of the students
  • Scholarship providers, benefactors, and other payors
Only students who have already been assigned with their respective Student IDs can use this facility.

You need to provide the following information in order to proceed:

  • Student Number (a)
  • Student's Name (FN, MN and LN)
  • Campus (b)
  • Payor's Name (c)
  • Payor's Email Address
  • Amount to be paid

(a) This is the student number found in your school ID, Registration or Assessment forms.
(b) STI Campus you are currently enrolled in
(c) Email address of the person paying the transaction e.g. parent/relative/benefactors/students

Parents, benefactors or other payors may process the payment on behalf of the student by entering the same information enumerated above.

Online: You may transact payments online through any of the Bancnet Participating Banks. (please refer to list of Bancnet and other Participating Banks)
Over-the-Counter: You may pay (cash payments only) over-the-counter through participating banks and other channels (please refer to list of Participating Banks and Other Channels).
ATM: You may pay via ATM (please refer to list of Participating Banks and Other Channels)

We currently do not accept credit card payments.

You will receive an email notification regarding the status of your payment. The status may be Transaction Pending, Transaction Successful or Transaction Failed.

  • The card being used may have insufficient funds.
  • You might have entered the wrong ATM card number or PIN.
  • The card is either stolen or reported stolen thus it was earmarked by the issuing bank as stolen or lost card.
  • The card has a transaction limit. Some of the issuing banks may impose card usage limit, which means, it is possible that the customer has exceeded the limit/threshold usage during the time of the transaction.

Yes, you can still try another payment transaction as long as the reference number has not been paid. Kindly note that the customer is given two (2) calendar days to complete the payment when using Over-the-Counter Channels (OTC).

Yes, you can still pay but we suggest that you send us a proof of payment thru email so we can manually validate and tag your payment.

Your local debit card (Bancnet ATM) will be debited immediately after successfully completing the transaction and the charge will appear on the statement as STI.

Please refer to Terms and Conditions of the Alternative Payment Service.

The following payment channels have on-top fees:

Payment Channel


BPI ExpressOnline/Mobile (Fund Transfer)


BPI ExpressOnline (Bills Payment)


RCBC AccessOne


BDO Over-the-Counter Cash Dep with Reference


BDO Over-the-Counter Bills Payment


BPI Over-the-Counter Bills Payment


Security Bank OTC Bills Payment


M. Lhuillier


The participating banks and other channels reserve the right to change the on-top fees without prior notice.