5 Factors to Consider When Transferring to a New College

January 14, 2022

Colleges and universities are considered the second home and training ground of all aspiring professionals like you. This is where you develop your technical and social skills, and most importantly it is where your future is shaped. However, some students who are already enrolled are questioning their stay in their current school; whether be in the change of environment, unmet expectations, or trying to chase after a course they like. 

If you are having the same dilemma, assess your reasons why and look for another college that will bring the best in you. And to better help you with your decision-making, here are some factors you must consider when choosing the ideal school.


Find a college that proves academic quality

It is important that you choose a college that is known for having a great background for their academic excellence. Learning, indeed, is your top priority in your college life. Assess every school and select the ones that have produced high caliber graduates. This is a testament of the school’s ability to deliver outstanding and quality education.


Look for the ideal college near you

Distance may also be your reason why you decided to move. With our current situation and the government’s plans to bring back face-to-face classes soon, travelling far is most likely the least thing you want to do. You can look for college or campuses near your community that provides quality education and an option for an effective blended learning (like ONE STI Learning Model) so you can still learn without compromising your health.


Consider the fees

One of the common reasons why some students transfer is due to costly tuition fees. There are good colleges out there that offer low costs but huge with their education programs. And if you are someone struggling financially, you can search for colleges that offer financial assistance.


Search for schools with great amenities

Undoubtedly, what students look for in a college are the facilities. It is essential to find a college that provides complete equipment that will help you train and get exposed to real-life settings. As of now, there is limited access to the schools’ resources. But it will be a huge advantage once physical learning starts.


Choose the college that cares

When going to college, your end goal is to graduate and find a decent job, right? Well, there are colleges that can help you land that dream career of yours. With STI’s enrollment to employment or E2E, graduates will be ready to grab opportunities left and right.

Whatever reason you have for transferring, considering all these factors will lead you to choosing the perfect college. It’s just a matter of doing intensive research on the best schools that provide these qualities. And STI just proves to be having all these. With excellence in delivering superior learning systems, STI has always been in the forefront of innovative and quality education.

Transferring schools can be daunting. But finding the perfect college for you makes the move all worth it. Ready to take the leap? You can check out STI’s website and register for the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2021-2022. This is now your chance to be more.