Blended Learning: The New Normal


As part of its promise to produce competent individuals in various fields amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, STI has strengthened its modern approach to teaching known as blended learning.

The modern teaching approach combines face-to-face or traditional classroom learning with online learning or e-learning.

Blended learning allows the students to set appropriate learning goals as well as helps them to be responsible for their own learning. Its flexibility enables individuals to learn at their own pace as they prepare for their future.

It is fit in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic as it ensures that learners will be able to continue their educational journey at home.

With STI's existing blended learning model that integrates online learning via the eLearning Management System (eLMS) at home with hands-on training in industry-grade laboratories and classroom discussions at the campus, students can access educational materials anytime and anywhere as they enjoy the benefits of a flexible blended learning.


Continuous education through online learning

Online learning is a form of learning that takes place via the internet. It allows the students to study at home and access educational materials online. With this, learners can review and study ahead as well as track their learning progress, collaborate with their classmates, and connect with their teachers anytime and anywhere.

Now that the education system steadily adapts to the new normal, online learning helps the learners continue their education safely at home. It is convenient for students since they do not have to go out anymore to attend their classes and worry about their school allowance and transportation expenses. All learning materials can also be accessed online thus making it easier for them to study their lessons.

To ensure that students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed in different industries, STI allows learners to reach their full potential through its eLearning Management System (eLMS). Exclusive for STI students from 65 campuses nationwide, STI eLMS is an interactive educational tool, an engaging social platform, and a convenient personal organizer all in one that is accessible on any device.

eLearning Management System (eLMS)

Over the past five years of integrating this tool in the traditional classroom learning, we have seen how it amplified the learning experience of our students as well as bridged the connection between them and their teachers even outside the campus.

Strengthening blended learning through ONE STI Learning Model

For School Year 2020-2021, STI proudly introduces the ONline and ONsite Education (ONE) at STI. The ONE STI Learning Model is an educational framework that enables the students to continue their studies, move up to the next level, graduate, and seek employment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new learning model is a combination of online learning through the eLMS at home and hands-on training as well as classroom discussions at the campus. Face-to-face or onsite learning* is important to gauge how well the students understood their modules and how they will apply this knowledge during hands-on activities.

ONE STI Learning Model


For online learning, the institution utilizes both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Synchronous learning in online education is when the students are all engaged in learning at the same time. Learners can be in the same online environment such as a web conference where they can interact with their instructor as well as their classmates. To guide learners every step of the way, faculty members are also available for consultations through email and chat during designated schedules.

On the other hand, asynchronous learning is when the students and instructors are online but without real-time interaction. In this instance, the students study online at their own pace. An example of this method is creating online content like pre-recorded videos with the instructors explaining the module.

As an institution driven to nurture students to be well-rounded individuals, STI strongly recognizes the importance of both traditional classroom learning and online learning in equipping each learner with the knowledge and skills needed in various fields.


*Onsite activities shall follow the latest regulations issued by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), Department of Education (DepEd) for senior high school, and Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for college. In the event that onsite activities are prohibited by a government agency, activities or modules shall be delivered 100% online until face-to-face sessions are allowed.


STI is now accepting enrollees for senior high school and college for the first term of the school year 2020-2021. To apply online, visit