The Next Generation of Culinary Stars

October 4, 2019

Grade 12 Culinary Arts students Trina Mikaela Java and Mark Carlo Palacio from STI College Calamba raised the bar high after bagging the championship title in the 3rd Sweet and Salty Experience Recipe Cooking Contest spearheaded by the Cooperative and Livelihood Development Department of Calamba City on October 4, 2019.

The cooking contest encourages the participants to create their own recipe including the main ingredients produced by the local farmers. With this, Trina and Mark decided to use pineapple as the main ingredient of their winning dish entitled "Pineapple Pastillas."

To ensure that individuals will reach their full potential, STI continuously motivates its learners to step outside their comfort zone through various activities inside and outside the classroom that will help them to be the best version of themselves.


Special thanks to: Marvin Evangelista, SHS Asst. Principal, STI College Calamba. Article written by Girlie Zabala, Correspondent.