Stars Were Born at Talent Search 2019

October 8, 2019

Once again, STIers from across the country proved who’s supreme in this year’s grand national finals of STI Talent Search on September 27, 2019 at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

The celebration was to make way for STI’s 36th founding anniversary, wherein approximately 17,000 STIers from various campuses nationwide took part, including the victors of Talent Search’s local and cluster competitions.



Music lovers flocked in the Bandstand to bolster up the morale of their favorites in the Singing Idol and Battle of the Bands competitions.

Justine Anne Latoza of STI College Cebu showcased her crystal clear voice as she performed “I am Changing” from the 2007 film Dream Girls that earned her the National Championship title.

STI College Baliuag’s Jewel Jazmin Bonifacio’s version of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” took the audience to a whole new level which made her bag the 1st Runner-up title.

STI College Tanauan’s Gomez Lee Marcelino belted out and bagged the 2nd Runner-up title when he owned Asin’s classic song “Anak.”

The audience never thought that it is possible to have a voice as soulful as STI College Malolos’ Alyssa Jazmine Borer. 

In her own home court, representing STI College Santa Rosa, Shayne Pauli Anne Jones showcased a flawless performance.

STI College Iligan’s Kiara Mae Falcon awakens the slumbering spirit of crowd when she started singing with a clear voice.

Adrian James Llanes of STI College Davao proved to the audience that he is more than just his pretty face as his voice comforted the crowd.

Charmaine Briones from STI College Fairview inspired the audience, hinting that singing is also a tedious hard work.

The audience and STI College Global City’s Garielle Andrea Aquino were inseparable as she enthralled them with her majestic voice.


Maliliwag from STI College Baliuag showcased a rendition of Asin’s “Musika ang Buhay na Aking Tinataglay” packed with solos from the band members as they snatched the National Championship title. The band consists of Airiza Ariane Silvestre, Mark Dela Pena, Lyndone Valenzuela, and James Christian Dela Pena.

STI College Tanauan’s Vendetta Band consisting of Francis Raymund Papon, John Ashley Tayobong, Ricardo Verganio III, and Abraham Malijan showed off a rock-filled performance with their version of Rocksteddy’s “Ayos Lang Ako” which secured them the 1st Runner-up title.

The Undecided’s Kiara Mae Falcon, Shammah Cinco, Dean Myron Monterola, and Landrex Michael Romares from STI College Iligan gave the crowd goosebumps with their performance of Buklod’s “Tatsulok” which earned them the 2nd Runner-up title.

STI College Malolos’ Veritas Band jumpstarted the Battle of the Band 2019 nationals with a vigorous performance.

The audience were in awe when Notepad from STI College Balayan serenaded them with their enchanting performance.

STI College Koronadal’s Pillowcase proudly exhibited a very promising performance that left the audience in admiration.

STI College Bohol’s Akcadas proved to the crowd how talented the STIers from Bohol are.

ALEXANDRA from STI College Novaliches made sure that the audience would not stop grooving to their performance.

The crowd could not stop themselves from bouncing to the performance of STI College Global City’s Anino. 


Simultaneously, groove-hungry crowd gathered in the Enchanting Events Place to witness their fellow STIers jive as they compete for the Hataw Sayaw championship. Afterwards, the audience got a load of the renowned Mr. & Ms. STI 2019.

Les Gents’ Sean Talampas, Jemmar Garcia, Jhairus Benzie Talavera, and Richard John Benard Go brought the audience back in time with their nostalgic concept and choice of music. The performance earned STI College Ortigas-Cainta the National Championship title.

STI College Cotabato’s FLAVA showed the crowd who the boss is with their energetic and intricate dance moves. The group consists of Khaled Qureshi, Lahmodin Usman, Ferdauziah Cabo, Nurullajie Abdullah, Prince Khafid Sacandal, and Laurence Largonio bagged the 1st Runner-up title.

Hannah Nicole Alicaya, Lynell Tobe, Edmar Prosia, Nim Rou Fuertes, Japhet Meniano, and Eloise Gaile Concillado of Project Atmos from STI College Ormoc earned the 2nd Runner-up title with their synchronization and fun-filled performance.

Star Movers from STI College Sta. Maria gave a star-studded performance that left the crowd in admiration.

STI College Balayan’s 4213 Extreme flaunted that STI brings the best out of everyone with their mesmerizing dance moves.

The audience was shocked with STI College Cagayan de Oro’s Sana All’s flabbergasting performance.

STI College Balagtas’ Balaraw Dancers consistently won the audiences with another year on the stage here at the STI Talent Search.

STI College Caloocan’s Break the Rules defied the rules of motion when their performance made the crowd move to their groove.

STI College Calamba’s Crowns Up never cease to amaze the crowd with a fired-up performance.

A Night of Spectacle and Glamour

The elite ladies and gents from various STI campuses in the country showcased their beau monde sides combined with passion and talent as they carried their banners in this year’s search for the next Mr. & Ms. STI.

Iverson Santos of STI College Ortigas-Cainta with 842 votes and Ma. Esmeralda Lucero of STI College Balagtas with 774 votes, won the hearts of the crowd with their eye-catching looks and characteristics as they claimed the Mr. & Ms. STI 2019 Student’s Choice award.

Once again, Iverson Santos of STI College Ortigas-Cainta with 15,057 votes and Ma. Esmeralda Lucero of STI College Balagtas with 7,189 votes, drew the attention of the netizens towards them as they secured the Mr. & Ms. STI 2019 Social Media Star award.

Looking sharp yet trendy, Ruslan Kulikov of STI College Batangas and Jairah Shammeh Bantas of STI College Koronadal won the Mr. & Ms. STI 2019 Best in Casual Wear award.

With drop-dead gorgeous charisma in photographs, Iverson Santos of STI College Ortigas-Cainta and Kerstine Anne Mirabueno of STI College Sta. Rosa won the Mr. & Ms. STI 2019 Most Photogenic award.

Kyle Jerome Reyes and Nicole Ann Rose Tamon of STI College Novaliches took home the Mr. & Ms. STI 2019 Best in Sports Wear award with their fashionable sports clothing.

Chosen for the Mr. & Ms. STI 2019 Liza Querubin award are Ruslan Kulikov of STI College Batangas and Ma. Esmeralda Lucero of STI College Balagtas.

Stunningly beautiful in their formal attires, Kyle Jerome Reyes of STI College Novaliches and Jairah Shammeh Bantas of STI College Koronadal won the Mr. & Ms. STI 2019 Best in Formal Wear award.


Mr. STI 2019 Ruslan Kulikov from STI College Batangas and Ms. STI 2019 Daena Yapparcon from STI College Puerto Princesa

Mr. STI 2019 1st Runner-up Dane Christopher Mia from STI College Sta. Cruz and Ms. STI 2019 1st Runner-up Tisha Joie Mercado from STI College Batangas

Mr. STI 2019 2nd Runner-up Bryan Jolo Antonio from STI College San Fernando and Ms. STI 2019 2nd Runner-up Jairah Shammeh Bantas from STI College Koronadal

Mr. & Ms. STI 2019 3rd Runner-up from STI College Novaliches Kyle Jerome Reyes and Nicole Anne Rose Tamon

Mr. STI 4th Runner-up Iverson Santos from STI College Ortigas – Cainta and Ms. STI 4th Runner-up Mica Ella Villanueva from STI College Sta. Cruz

We present to you the top five ladies and gentlemen who exhibited cosmic beauty and talent in this year’s national stage.




Mr. STI 2019

Ruslan Kulikov

STI College Batangas

1st Runner-up

Dane Christopher Mia

STI College Sta. Cruz

2nd Runner-up

Bryan Jolo Antonio

STI College San Fernando

3rd Runner-up

Kyle Jerome Reyes

STI College Novaliches

4th Runner Up

Iverson Santos

STI College Ortigas – Cainta




Ms. STI 2019

Daena Yapparcon

STI College Puerto Princesa

1st Runner-up

Tisha Joie Mercado

STI College Batangas

2nd Runner-up

Jairah Shammeh Bantas

STI College Koronadal

3rd Runner-up

Nicole Anne Rose Tamon

STI College Novaliches

4th Runner-up

Mica Ella Villanueva

STI College Sta. Cruz