STIers are Coming to The Mind Museum!

June 19, 2019

From a school expo to a world-class exhibit, these STI students take pride in their sustainable innovations. What started as products intended for the STI Senior High School (SHS) Expo have gained the opportunity to be exhibited in the “greatest show (and tell) on Earth.”

On the third installment of Maker Faire in the Philippines, 12 projects by senior high school students from various STI campuses will be showcased in the Manila Mini Maker Faire at The Mind Museum on June 22-23, 2019.

Maker Faire is a festival for all ages that celebrates innovations in the technical field and in the realms of crafts and performing arts. It was launched in 2006 where over 200,000 people attend the annual flagship event in Bay Area and New York. Now, the event is produced around the world with shows in Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, and Berlin, among others.

The fair gathers tech enthusiasts, students, educators, engineers, and artists of all sorts to showcase and share what they do.

Where creative minds converge

Before the works were selected to present in the fair, participants have initially shown their products during the SHS Expo at their own campuses. Every year, the SHS Expo is held across STI campuses nationwide as a culmination of the students’ learning from their years in senior high school.

“During the expo in our school, our product wasn’t noticed that much. So, we didn’t expect that we will be declared the 2nd Most Innovative Product and now, we feel proud because our product is going to be featured in Maker Faire!” shares Bill Ryan Cabral from STI College Quezon Avenue, one of the creators of WhideSearch.

Tinkering with equipment, doing experiments, and crafting artworks from scraps are some of the hobbies that makers enjoy. Transforming curiosity into great things is what they are good at.

Take a look at these products by STIers that will be featured in this year’s Manila Mini Maker Faire that highlights Sustainable Technology.


Portable Wind Turbine

By the STEM students of STI College Cubao


Greathan Michelle Albano

Rhyan Joseph Dava

Jose Descotido

Sophia Mari Diaz

Daniel Don Jasmin

Axxis Loreña

Christian Angelo Macalanda

Ron Exequiel Paradero

Christine Jane Reyes

Daren Samuel Tiongo

Jet Vega

Melwin Villanueva

Electricity supply is still an issue in remote areas in the country. This motivated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students from STI College Cubao to innovate an alternative source of electricity by utilizing wind energy. The case and wind panes of the portable wind turbine are all made of recycled materials. 


Flood Detecting Alarm Stand (FDAS)

By the STEM students of STI College Cubao


Martina B. Alpuerto

Remz Mchem V. Apostol

Lester Jay C. Buenaventura

Grayhalm Ruzel F. Bonto

Gavin Vance Ric M. Diaz

Jennessis O. Dumlao

Joaquin Miguel G. Fernandez

Jimwell Francisco

Salvethania B. Granado

Abdul-Azim A. Mabusing

Reizar M. Tayao

Aubrey V. Verano

Communities that are easily flooded during the rainy season will benefit from this innovation by STEM students from STI College Cubao. The Flood Detecting Alarm Stand produces a powerful sound that can alert the community of the rising flood levels.



By a group of IT-MAWD students OF STI College Quezon Avenue


Bill Ryan Cabral

Nolie O. Mabesa

John Marlo M. Mendoza

Christian D. Tabilin

Alvin John Yerro

It’s now easier to find your lost phone with this product by Mobile App and Web Development (MAWD) students from STI College Quezon Avenue. Using sound recognition technology, WhideSearch can locate your phone to emit a light and activate an alarm.   


WeSurvive Bag

By STEM students of STI College Global City


Ryan Jade Asumbra

Hya Cristine Boiser

John Raphael Cantara

Joycelyn De La Cierra

Anna Mikaella De Leon

Juan Carlo Escala

Trisha Jeanne Mahilum

Iris Mangalindan

Byron Kyle Operana

William Ordono

Christian Michael Salonga

Jhan Kenneth Villaluz

Made to survive any outdoor conditions, a group of STEM students from STI College Global Citydesigned the WeSurvive bag using waterproof and tear resistant fabric. It is also equipped with emergency essentials, such as portable water filter and solar-powered charger and flashlight. 



By STEM students of STI College Makati


Jhastine R. Adona

Alliah Bea B. Clemente

Latrell Joshua S. Del Rosario

Chonamae P. Marcelino

Rose Ann P. Pangilinan

Raine Leigh P. Peruna

Elizabeth M. Tupas

John Laurence D. Villanueva

Drive pesky insects away with this green product created by STEM students from STI College Makati. Made from the extracts of the Philippine neem tree and other all-natural ingredients, Propel is an effective repellant for common pests. 


La Naturalez

By ABM students of STI College Recto


Jian Ericson Chua Mariano

Rayhana P. Odin

Lahmuden Silongan

Paulo Garcia

Mherylle Ann Pascual

Mark Corpuz

Infused with lavender and citronella scents, this scented candle effectively acts both for aromatherapy and as an insect repellant. What’s more is that it’s housed in a non-flammable holder made of sea salt. La Naturalez is made by Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) students from STI College Recto. 


Concrete Cylinders with Sugar Cane Fiber

By STEM students of STI College Muñoz-EDSA


Rodge Luigi Balmedina

Daniel Lee

John Paul Padre

Jose Francis Sevilla

Proper management of concrete waste generated from construction is often overlooked. STEM students from STI College Muñoz-EDSA aims to encourage recycling by incorporating sugar cane fibers into concrete cylinders. It’s made of biodegradable materials, yet it is as strong as the regular concrete. 


Kraft Paper

By STEM students of STI College Ortigas-Cainta


Zyrelle Anne Valencia

Matthew Fernandez

Joeremy Gongora

Marie Joy Estopa

John Henry Lafiguera

Manuelle Gherard De La Cruz

Marco Legaspi

Kraft paper made from recycled banana stem fibers offers an excellent alternative to our packaging needs. Plus, it is easy to create and it has a strong tensile strength. This product was made by STEM students from STI College Ortigas-Cainta


Solar-powered grass cutter

By STEM students of STI College San Fernando


Frithzie Lou P. Icban

Rose Ann M. Tubal

Roy Vincent J. Mercado

Aaron S. Manlutac

Erico G. Nolasco

Aaron Dave D. Aguas

Joseph T. Pangilinan

Gyean Carlo L. Laxamana

STEM students from STI College San Fernando innovated a grass-cutter that runs on 100% solar energy. The machine’s ergonomic design and metal blades were aimed at helping farmers with their duties.   


Flood Water Filtration Machine

By STEM students of STI College San Fernando


Mark Joseph C. Abogador

Alvin Jr. R. Constantino

Girlyn Joyce D. David

Jan Kevin S. Espiritu

Princess Diana D. Lumanlan

JaimeeRhose M. Manansala

Joan C. Salvador

Maureen V. Tansengco

Communities can now have access to safe water during floods with the Flood Water Filtration Machine. Created by STEM students from STI College San Fernando, the machine was built with six types of filters that converts flood water into clean water. 


Automatic Canal Waste Collector

By STEM students of STI College San Fernando


Joyce Anne D. Esguerra

Christina Marie S. Jocson

Erwin V. Pingol

Jean Philippe T. Santos

Marc Angelo P. Sarmiento

Danlor S. Tungol

Vincent Paul G. Zita

Garbage in water systems is a long-known problem. To address this issue, STEM students from STI College San Fernando constructed a canal waste collector that can gather plastic waste from water systems. It runs entirely on solar energy that makes it more efficient. 



By ABM students of STI College Quezon Avenue


Carl Rolan M. Fajarito

Sophia Marie H. Roxas

Hannah Mae T. Hiloma

Melissa C. Bertis

Noreen Kim D. Caparas

Emmanuel Isaiah E. Quindiagan

Kenji Tamayo

Manage your desk space effectively with Wooker, a functional organizer and a music amplifier altogether. This product was designed by ABM students from STI College Quezon Avenue


STI students are encouraged to explore opportunities outside of their campus to further develop their interpersonal skills and to gain a wide range of perspectives as part of STI’s thrust for holistic education.

See more of these spectacular projects and visit the Manila Mini Maker Faire on June 22-23, 2019 at The Mind Museum. Don’t forget to grab your free tickets by registering on this link!