All the Small Things We Love About the 23rd STI NYC

March 12, 2019

Better and brighter days are coming!

STIers heeded the call to be advocates of positive change: a transformation that begins within.

Stopping at 10 key cities across the country, the 23rd STI National Youth convention went on board to inspire and influence students to start making the positive change by becoming the best version of themselves.

Thousands of STIers who joined the convention earned a lot of takeaways which they can apply in their personal lives thanks to the valuable speakers who imparted their wisdom and shared their experiences that were truly inspiring.

Ms. Michelle Defensor, President & CEO of Motiv8 Training & Development Inc., during her discussion about the topic entitled “Gen Z on Ground Z”

Founder and President of Creative House Inc., Mr. Arun Gogna, sharing his thoughts about the topic entitled “Small Acts are In”

Ms. Carelle Mangaliag-Herrera, President of Trainstation, extending her insights about the topic entitled “Gen Z on Ground Z” during the 23rd STI National Youth Convention (NYC)

President and CEO of Fired Up Human Resource Training Services, Mr. Velden Lim, during his talk about the topic entitled “Small Acts are In”

Mr. Andreus Cosio, Motivational Speaker of Feast Builder, setting the mood of the participants with his discussion about the topic “Small Acts are In”

Main topics of the plenary talks, Gen Z on Ground Z and Small Acts are In! encouraged the young to develop the proper mindset and the best attitude on hustling for their goals.


The personal experience

Delegates got a chance to share their thoughts and ask questions to the speakers in an open forum.


Spreading positivity

With a compelling approach matched with the right words, the talks of the speakers stirred emotions and stimulated positive sentiments from the audience.


And from time to time, when an important thought needs an extra nudge, there were active means to boost up the audience: 


‘Unfiltered’ life lessons

These tweets can only tell how the lessons they’ve learned have resonated to their own lives and how amazing their experience was at the 23rd STI National Youth Convention. 


Dedicated to hone students to be well-rounded individuals, the National Youth Convention is conducted every year by providing practical lessons helpful for their personal growth. This year, the event aimed to touch the hearts and transform the lives of the students through giving important reminders that they should carry along the journey towards reaching their dreams.

Hope you had fun at the 23rd STI National Youth Convention! See you next year!