Shifting courses? Here's what you need to know.

October 4, 2018

Thinking of shifting to a different course?

Switching programs in college when you’ve already started means another transition phase to prepare for. Deciding to shift for a variety of reasons can be daunting and complicated as picking a program could be. Before getting into the process of selecting and applying for a new program, here are the things you need to do.


Pursue your passion.

When you’re not enjoying your studies anymore, that’s when you should start asking yourself if you’re really in the right field. Don’t waste your talents and college years staying in a program you’re not happy about. Follow your calling because the most successful graduates are those who have found passion in their careers.  


Consider the timing.  

Deciding to shift late in college would require more time to spend catching up on prerequisite subjects. Though requirements vary, in some cases, the courses taken in the former program will not be credited in your new program. That’s why as soon as you feel that you’re in the wrong field, start evaluating yourself and seek help from advisers to help you weigh the pros and cons of making the switch.


Do research.

Learn more about the program you plan to transfer in. Speak with career advisers to discuss if it’s the one for your dream job. You’re lucky if the school you’re currently enrolled in offers the program that you want to pursue. Although if you prefer to switch course and transfer to a new school at the same time, it’s also possible especially when you want to be in the college that specializes in the program you’re going to take. 

The process for transfer students varies from school to school. Check their transfer acceptance rates and if they are also offering scholarship programs for transferees.


Getting into a new school to follow your dream should be a fresh start and not a complicated experience. Find a college that has the resources and a system that provides hassle-free processing for transferees. STI implements the Priority Transfer Program where you can simply register and submit your application online.

Aside from the Priority Transfer Program, you can take the STI SCOPE or Student’s Career Opportunity and Personality Evaluator to discover the best career options that fit you. Download the SCOPE Lite app on Google Play or App Store for free to take a sneak peek at your future. Schedule a visit with your preferred STI campus to get an in-depth guide and consultation with key STI personnel to help you make the right decision for your future.

Each STI campus nationwide has admission officers who will guide you throughout the entire transferring process so you’re updated about your registration. Inquire at your preferred STI campus for more information about the Priority Transfer Program and the programs offered.