Perfect Score

March 29, 2017

STI College – Balayan reached the 100% mark of total number of students who passed the Amadeus certificate examination. 22 Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) juniors aced all the airline codes, practiced how to encode fast and accurately, and reviewed the different processes in an airline in preparation for the written and practical exams held on March 29, 2017. They did it all under the guidance of their instructor, Ms. Mara Lizette Cabral.

Amadeus is the leading solutions provider in the travel industry worldwide, managing the distribution and selling of travel services. The certification will give the BSTM students an edge in the tourism industry once they graduate as it authenticates their fluency in airline booking and codes.

As part of their training, STIers receive hands-on learning to hone their skills in all aspects of their chosen fields. The institution also prepares them for the real world through valuable chances to boost their qualifications.