A Cultural Exchange with China

October 26, 2016

STI College – General Santos explored beyond their boundaries and discovered more opportunities for the self-development of their students!

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) sophomores April Kris Concha, Lenie Gee Ybañez, King Geoffrey So, and Crisyrell Valera flew to Guilin Tourism University in Guanxi, China on May 4, 2017 to participate in the university’s Chinese Program.

Guilin Tourism University is the biggest tourism institute in China that seeks to cultivate individuals that are holistically outstanding in the industry, and so the school held it in high regard when it received an invitation to send the students to the institution with their Program Head Ms. Glenna Albios, MBA-TRM. The monthlong program included classes and seminars about hospitality and tourism, and the Chinese language and culture.

The STIers were also given a tour around Guanxi, and were able to visit popular landmarks and tourist attractions like the Yulong River, Elephant Trunk Hill, and the Seven Star Park. Meanwhile, as a visiting professor, Ms. Albios represented the country and taught the other participating students from different parts of the world about the Philippine culture.