From Yaya to Cum Laude

May 28, 2017

Lucille’s potential was seen through the reviewers she did for her alaga. As a babysitter, she also doubled as an effective tutor, which prompted her employers to send her to college as soon as their son turned 10. She was 25 years old when she was finally enrolled at STI College – Cubao and took Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Though her dream to attend college finally came to fruition, it opened a whole slew of challenges and she juggled her time finishing her household chores and completing schoolwork and projects. There were even times when she had to review for two when her alaga’s exam was scheduled simultaneously with hers. But she got through with her unshaken focus, and it did not go unnoticed from the family who continued to support her.

Lucille showed her gratitude to her benefactors by doing well at school. So well, in fact, that she became a Dean’s Lister for four semesters and graduated cum laude.

Though it was just the beginning of all the first steps she would take to build a steadier future, Lucille has already discovered more about herself, and how strong her willpower is to overcome challenges. And for that, she takes pride on it.

“Proud din po ako sa sarili ko dahil nakaya ko lahat-lahat ng mga challenges sa aking buhay kahit na malayo po ako sa aking parents at mga kamag-anak, na nakaya ko pagsabayin ang pag-aaral ko at pagtatrabaho,” she shares.

Her admirable determination to chase her dreams made her an inspiration to many. She showed that if someone gives his or her goals enough focus and dedication, there is nothing anyone can’t achieve.