An Insider with the Best Company to Work for in Asia

March 1, 2018

The journey to building a career can be full of uncertainties, and this requires building and making good use of one’s skills, knowledge, and experience. Thus, it is of utmost importance that a student must be armed with all the necessary information about the industry and career that he wants to pursue before he makes that final decision.

This is where STI aims to bridge the gap and introduced the Career Planning Program wherein the students receive a comprehensive report on the careers best suited to them based on their personality and interest. Moreover, STI also interviewed their industry partners to share with the students some valuable life lessons needed in the real world. Among them is Ms. Michelle Rubio, Senior Vice President and Human Resources Director of UnionBank.

UnionBank is one of the reputable banks in the Philippines that prides itself for its many firsts such as being the first in internet banking, first to launch a mobile application, and first to introduce paperless transactions in its 36 long years of operation. The company holds a vision of becoming a technology company with banking utilities and opens its doors to graduates from all fields. Companies from the banking industry rely on employee engagement to thrive in good customer relationship, which is why employers value the capability of the members of their team to adapt in their self-driven culture. Likewise, having the right attitude, regardless whether they are at work or not, is important to UnionBank.

Ms. Rubio also emphasizes the importance of extra-curricular activities in the development of a student. She adds that the exposure outside the classroom will make them more rounded as individuals, as these experiences will contribute to a student’s expounding perspective of real world practice, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. This was further proven by the performance she witnessed among the STI students during the UnionBank Hackathon (U:HAC) 4.0. During this exclusive competition for STI, students from different campuses were able to showcase their computer and programming skills. The winners impressed UnionBank that they were later hired by the organization.

What we saw in them (students) was how very knowledgeable they are. They have the creativity and resilience to win. And you can really see the guidance of the school to make sure their students remain competitive, not just in the academe, but also in preparation for work,” says Michelle.

Furthermore, she reminds the youth that they must have both intellect and emotional intelligence for them to develop holistically. Their school and the learning opportunities they encounter along the way will help shape them to become competent individuals once they venture out to become professionals in their chosen trade.

It’s not just about having IQ, but also having Emotional Quotient,” Michelle shares. “How you react in times of stress when you are given a challenge and how you deal with another person in the most positive way... that’s EQ.”