STI Salutes this year's Distinguished Alumni

May 5, 2017

STI's most distinguished alumni gathered in one special event! On April 20, 2017 in Okada, Manila, we celebrated the accomplishments of eight of our alumni whose feats in their respective fields and their contribution to society have made them notable members of the STI community. The STI Alumni Association (STIAA) called forth the recipients of this 2017 STI Distinguished Alumni Awards.

As their alma mater, we are proud to recognize our alumni who serve as role models not only to our students and other members of the STI community, but also to all those who aspire to make their own success. Their stories are true testaments of how we train our students as an academic institution

Get to know this year's batch of STI Distinguished Alumni awardees below (arranged according to year they graduated):


Major and Battalion Executive Officer and Civil Military Operations
564th Engineer Construction Battalion

STI College – Cubao
BS Computer Science, Batch 1999

From these struggles, I have gained lessons I so deeply value which fueled my passion and inspired me further to persevere. In every chapter of my life, whether I fell down or managed to survive, I considered it as part of my big library.  A collection of the good and bad experiences, making me not only a better person but a better public servant.

Eldest among five siblings, Elmar started helping his mother to earn more money into their meager income. He also took odd jobs to help his parents from selling pandesal and homemade polvoron to a water delivery boy and lights man for media productions. He sought ways to finish his school work while making ends meet, careful not to compromise either. He learned how to survive — a feat that he brought with him when he joined the military. And that was only the start of another chapter in his adventurous story. As a Major and Battalion Executive Officer and Civil Military Operations in command of 150 soldiers, he faced not only adversaries but also natural calamities to serve and protect the Filipino people. As a family man, he saw to it that he spends enough time with his wife and kids. As a learner, he never stopped seeking opportunities to study, as he is only a subject away from earning a Master's Degree.

Co-founder and Technical Director
H20 Technologies Incorporated

STI College – Recto
BS Computer Science, Batch 1999

Failure is not failing but giving up. To be successful: reflect, improve and keep on trying.

Lamberto defines success differently than most of us would. He wanted to do his part as a Scoutmaster and a character building trainer at the Hope Christian School. He also pursued his career in the field of IT by providing out-of-the box solutions and trailblazing IT ideas to a host of clients around the world. Unrelenting in his personal mission to improve the means of learning for everyone in the country, he co-founded and works as a Technical Director of H20 Technologies, pioneering several green technological innovations such as the Hydroplus, a hydrogen blending technology for internal combustion engines; the Egg, a modern classroom concept for Microsoft and the Department of Education; and the Salamander, the world's first electric amphibious tricycle. All of his works were recognized as notable contributions to the community and nation.

President and CEO
MiW Solutions

STI College – Shaw
BS Computer Science, Batch 2004

Each of us has a different view or definition of 'success,' but you can never say you are successful if you don't have contentment.

His passion in computers and technology started for as long as he could remember, prompting him to pursue the field in STI College – EDSA-Crossing (now STI College – Shaw) while maintaining a job. It was also during his stay that he was introduced to many people from different professional backgrounds, until he met his future business partner who helped him found MiW Solutions where he accepted projects on web design and programming. He then ventured to other aspects of his field such as Cyberwar, Surveillance, and Security. He also took the initiative of sharing his knowledge in IT as the IT Chairperson of Lions Club International.

Commercial Marketing Manager
Alaa Industrial Equipment Factory Co.

STI College – Novaliches
BS Computer Science, Batch 2004

It doesn't matter where you come from, all that matter is where you are going.

To Matio, the culture shock he experienced when he migrated to Saudi Arabia to pursue a career as a Marketing Assistant was the real struggle. But seeing the opportunities the field could offer him drove him to explore new channels for lifelong learning. He proceeded to complete his Master's Degree in Business Administration, and became a two-time champion of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest. Today, Matio is the Commercial Marketing Manager of Alaa for Industry or AFI, one of the renowned industrial companies in the Middle East. Driven by his strong foundation in computer and programming, one of his proudest achievements was his online store that offer hydraulic and industrial products, aimed at reaching out to a wider target audience in the energy rich Gulf monarchies, a first of its kind.

Women's International Boxing Association Minimumweight Triple Titleholder

STI College – Makati
Associate in Computer Technology, Batch 2006

Know your craft and never give up. You have 10 counts to stand up and fight until the last round of your life.

Training comes in many forms. With Gretchen, she took it on a whole new level with boxing. She proved herself to be a prized boxer, and fought her way (literally) to the international boxing ring. Her passion for the sport started at a young age, which then blossomed into a full-fledged career as a national athlete. She faced countless of battles that earned her awards, trophies, and medals. Not long after, she became the first woman in the professional boxing history to have won triple world titles and is currently the No. 1 ranking female boxer in the Minimumweight division.

Proprietress and Chief Designer
Dreametry Creative Design Studio

STI College – Koronadal
Associate in Computer Technology, Batch 2010

Dream and never stop dreaming. Making my dreams come true has been my inspiration to work harder. One dream is never enough, with each dream we reach, it molds and prepares us along the way. I became contented, but I am eager to learn more. I succeeded in some of my goals, but I still keep my feet rooted on the ground.

In retrospect, Janine was never considered to be the brightest crayon in her school. She claims to have failed some of her subjects, including Physics and Algebra. But her inclination in arts and design made her pursue what would eventually become her very definition of success. Often, she found herself drawing relentlessly on her sketchbook that only further honed her skills in drawing. At the ripe age of 13, Janine jumpstarted her career as an online freelancer, a virtual assistant, a graphic artist, and a blogger. And as soon as she graduated, she launched her own online clothing line with her original designs. With her story, she represented the country in Paypal's Freelance Success Stories and was featured in the Magandang Umaga Southern Central Mindanao with her entrepreneurship ventures. Aside from being the Owner and Chief Designer of Dreametry Creative Design, she also uses her professional standing to open opportunities to her fellow STI students.

Creativesphere Studios Advertising & IT Solutions

STI College – General Santos
BS Computer Science, Batch 2010

Be patient, keep your faith and keep doing the work you believe in.

Like any working student, Melmar realized that holding down a job while studying was difficult. So when he heard of the scholarship offered by STI, he immediately took the opportunity. He still worked as a student assistant, but things were easier for the BS Computer Science student knowing that his school was right behind him. It was also during his time in college when he was introduced by his professor to the world of online freelancing. It was until he was chosen to become the official creative designer and printer of Senator Manny Pacquiao's global undertakings that he truly found the success in his chosen career. He is currently the owner of Creativesphere Studios, an advertising and IT Solutions company.

Managing Director
Chanbee Food Corporation | Khimhans Food Corporation

STI College – Parañaque
BS Business Administration, Batch 2012

In the face of uncertainty, pursue life's adventures and don't let challenges get in the way. God will always provide.

Reggie's pursuit of his dreams did not start off easily for him. He was faced with the challenge of balancing his time between college and his work as a part-time crew in a fastfood chain. Equipped with a positive attitude and unrelenting motivation, he made it to graduation. Not long after starting his career in his field, he was promoted from Marketing Assistant to Group Marketing Manager. Currently, he's the Managing Director of Chanbee Food and oversees 74 franchises in the food industry including two Chowking branches, two Jollibee branches, 65 stores of Chansel Pizza Haus, and five Bosspete Cafés.


STI's alumni are at the forefront of the institution's 34 years of commitment in providing holistic education to its students. The recognition STI gives its graduates are determined by their work, efforts, and performances as individuals and professionals in the local and global scenes.