Our Movement for a Drug-free Environment

September 27, 2016

We teamed up with Asian Terminals Inc. (ATI), a Manila-based port operator, developer, and investor, in creating an awareness program on the negative effects of illegal drugs and educating the Filipino youth like you through a campaign against drugs.

The partnership was made official on September 21, 2016 at the STI Holdings Building in Makati City through a ceremonial turnover of check from ATI to STI amounting to PhP20 million. The fund will be used to implement anti-drug initiatives in our campuses nationwide.

Confident in our collaboration’s approach to drug prevention, ATI Executive Vice President Andrew Hoad shared, "We are very pleased with this partnership as it provides a long-term solution to one of society’s pressing problems. This program also perfectly complements our corporate sustainability advocacy anchored on youth empowerment and is well aligned with ATI’s stringent policy against illegal drugs."

Our powerhouse partnership is a school-based education program that aims to equip young people with tools and information against illegal drugs thus enabling informed decision making. The ATI-STI "Drug Awareness Resistance through Education" (ATI-STI DARE) Program will train our teachers and teach our students on how to combat drugs and other vices through classroom discussions, social skills training, and youth-oriented activities.

Through our huge student population of more than 100,000 across 77 campuses in key cities nationwide, the ATI-STI DARE also comes with a promise to expand the availability of anti-drug programs - beginning from the school level and even cascading down to the community.

"On top of our existing efforts to educate our students, this partnership will strengthen our drive to promote awareness on the adverse effects of drug use and its consequences. With our wide audience reach, we are set to touch the lives of our youth, their parents, and the community," STI Vice Chairman and CEO Monico Jacob said.

This partnership coincides with our school’s efforts to adopt a safe and drug-free environment for you, STIers. Thus, honing you to become socially responsible individuals with high regard to your future.