Points to Ponder Before Joining a Student Org

By: Miguel La Torre , October 10, 2022

Have you ever encountered a setback when choosing a fitting student organization in senior high school or college? Let’s be honest, as simple as it may look like, picking the right student club or organization can be overwhelming, especially with all the options available.

But don’t worry, it’s normal. Realistically, the process is a multi-day experience, but did you know that you can also overcome such dilemmas in a jiffy?

Over the course of my collegiate career, I have been involved in a few student organizations that have helped me become the person I am today.

For starters, I wouldn’t be a self-proclaimed eloquent writer if I chickened out when the screening for our student publication opened. I also wouldn’t have learned the different angles of creative content writing if I had limited myself and passed on the creatives officer position in our student production org. Basically, this article you are currently reading wouldn’t have existed if I didn’t join such extra-curricular cliques.


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Need a friend? Camaraderie is just one of many things you’ll learn when joining an org.


What I’m trying to say is joining student orgs is not an academic requirement at all, but schools provide them for a reason. Everything I have mentioned above is a good reason why.

So, whether you’re pondering joining an org or not, here’s a handful of factors you might want to consider before becoming a full-fledged member of a particular student organization. Who knows, maybe I can convince you to join one! Trust me, it’s harder to decide which student org to join than actually making the cut and putting in all the work.


Consider your interests

First and foremost, an org will not catch your attention if it doesn’t appeal to your interests; so, when a specific org turns your head, try asking yourself this question - “Is it within my area of interests?”

If so, then that might be the right group for you! If not, it will not hurt to have a list of options and jotting down the org’s name might be ideal in case you find yourself at a crossroads.


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Are you a rockstar at heart? Join the music club!


Reach for the stars

A lot of people choose orgs based on skills they already have. While such a basis is good for polishing existing abilities, it is not ideal for budding and adventurous fledglings.

Here’s a tip for you: just because it is not within your area of interest, it doesn’t mean you will not eventually get good at it.

By exploring different clubs, you are given opportunities to learn more about yourself, your goals, and your strengths. You provide yourself with wings to fly out of your nest and discover other things that you are good at too. Who knows, maybe there’s a painter inside of you waiting to be freed?


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Are you a rockstar at heart? Join the music club


Always look for experience

For starters, org activities are where you’ll discover many things about yourself, your school, your peers, and many more. It benefits you as much as it benefits the group.

Assess what you are in search of from each organization. When at a crossroads, you can ask yourself this: Can this club help me in my self-development?

Sure, getting involved in any organization helps you improve your skills, but it goes beyond that. You get to explore outside your hobbies, interact with different types of people, and help you build the right character. It helps you see life from other people’s perspectives too.

However, when things do not go according to plan and you do not make the cut, you’ll be surprised to find life lessons in that situation too. Failure, after all, is also part of the student org experience.

Whether you get up and try again or find other clubs to join is up to you. Believe me when I say that this self-awareness will be beneficial in your future career.


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Caption: Got all the right moves and the grooves? Then the dance club is the perfect place for you!


Align your strengths and weaknesses

It’s one thing to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and it’s another to learn how to utilize them. By joining an org, you are given an opportunity to simultaneously level up and harness your capabilities, that’s why it’s important to align them into which type of club or student organization you’ll join.

If you’re good at sports, try joining the basketball team. If you think you have an eye for images and scenery, the photography club might be the right one for you. Of course, as an up-and-coming student, you may not have all the necessary skills yet, so don’t worry about them for a while because you are in it to learn.

After all, just because it is a weakness, it does not mean it can’t be developed; and just because it is a strength, it does not mean you can’t make mistakes.


Want to display your physical prowess and sheer competitiveness? Maybe the sports club is the one for you.


Check your schedule

Becoming a full-fledged member of a particular organization is not just a title that you show off. It’s a commitment you must honor, too.

In order to be an active and effective member, you’ll need the time to balance it with your studies. Remember, when confined within the four walls of the school, you are a student first before anything else.

Like everything else, time management is the key to all complex and busy doors. By finding balance, you will bring out the best in your college years. Be careful not to overdo yourself though, you can only do so much for your studies and org.


Have what it takes to be the voice and face of your school when welcoming guests? You could be a good student ambassador.



Choosing your student organization may not be easy at first, but it is worth the time and effort you will put in. Just like stepping inside the classroom, joining orgs is the first step to gaining more knowledge and meeting more new faces too. Keep all this in mind and you’ll surely enjoy the rest of your college life

So, don’t be afraid!