How IT Changed the World

May 22, 2020

Information Technology (IT) has advanced at an increasing pace – a daunting realization and a clear manifestation that digital revolution has changed how people conduct businesses, communicate, maintain relationships, and even behave.

Our world is basically riddled with IT to the point that our lives won’t be the same without it. But ever wondered how was this made possible? Or maybe IT is really more than just programming and computer stuff?

Well, you guessed it right! IT is so versatile that it reshaped the industries around the world and created various opportunities. It boosted innovations allowing the industry to adapt to rapidly customer demands.

One of the most important ways in which IT is affecting the world is by reducing the importance of distance between customers and businesses. Through your smartphones, computer, and other devices, goods can now be ordered quickly and dispatched by companies. And it doesn’t end there, you can also track down your parcel, which makes it easier for companies to satisfy the customers upon the agreed delivery period. Awesome right?



  1. Estimated Annual Salary – refers to your estimated income in one year.
  2. Employment Growth Outlook –  the rate of change in the particular number of people employed within the target date. The data we used in this article is set from period 2016-2026.

What does Employment Growth Outlook says about my chosen career?

  • An increase 14% or more = Grow much faster than average
  • An increase between of 9% and 13% = Grow faster than average
  • An increase between of 5% to 8% = Grow about as fast as average
  • An increase between of 2% and 4% = Grow more slowly than average
  • A decrease or increase of 1% or less = Have little or no change
  • A decrease of at least 2% = Decline


1. Tourism & Hospitality Management

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IT has helped to reduce costs and improve services for both the business owners and customers. Thanks to IT, it’s now possible for you to reserve hotel rooms and services through your smartphones on providers like airbnb.


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2. Financial Technology (FinTech)

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IT allows customers of financial technology to be able to easily complete online transactions, allowing providers to have an efficient service.

One of IT’s major contributions to FinTech is Online Banking, making it possible for people to withdraw and transfer funds easily, and pay bills faster.

Another one is the blockchain technology which remains a quickly-growing area of growth for companies. In simple terms, a blockchain is a computer file for storing data. And another thing you most probably have encountered with this term is Bitcoin.

Blockchain is the technology that was specifically developed to support Bitcoin; while Bitcoin is a digital and global money that allows people to send and receive money over the internet.

This has been convenient for people because earning and sending money, even to people they don’t know, is just a few clicks away.


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3. Maritime


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IT ensures the safety of cargo ships through improved communication systems. Ever wonder how real-time cargo tracking is possible? Thanks to IT, delivering products on-time and in good condition is now within your reach.


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4. Engineering

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IT provides real-time data on the performance of equipment in the field today, allowing engineers to consider improvements that can be achieved in months through data algorithms rather than years.


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5. Arts


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Arts and IT have been connected since the 1960s when scientists, artists, and inventors started to use electronic instruments to create art. Digital arts and graphic design are just among IT’s influence that transformed traditional arts into new forms, from pure arts to virtual reality.

One of the biggest changes would probably be that artists now have a wide range of sites and software where they can showcase themselves to their audiences. An example would be Deviant Art, an online community for artists and enthusiasts. Also, Patreon and Kofi are platforms wherein you could sign-up for a membership to support your favorite artist financially.

Impressive how far we have come! Before, the only option you have is to either buy a physical copy of an artwork or go to galleries but now with IT, everything is just right around the corner!


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6. Medical


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IT has developed a system called Electronic Medical Records or EMR for hospitals. This system contains information and data collected by a specific hospital. This innovation makes it easier to both patient and hospital to access their medical records anytime, anywhere.


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7. Forensic


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When it comes to solving crimes, IT helped transform the way investigations are done and cases can now be solved faster with more accuracy than ever before. This has also helped in creating a more efficient criminal justice system.

One of the most notable contributions of IT to forensic science is the Link Analysis Software for Forensic Accountants. It helps forensic accountants trace illegal fund activities through a sea of paperwork.


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IT truly changed the world we’re living in. In fact, that very device you’re using to read this article is a product of IT – even our website is a product of our highly-skilled IT team and Web Developers.

Information technology is not showing any signs of slowing down. That’s why there’s no better time than today to be a part of the ever-evolving industry through our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS), Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BSIS), 2-yr. Associate in Computer Technology (ACT), and 2-yr. Information Technology (IT) programs. Who knows you might just cop a career among the thriving industries we’ve mentioned?

With our visionary founders who are the forefathers of IT in the Philippines, we’re confident that with us, you’re in the right hands. So, what are you waiting for? We are more than proud and honored to accompany you on your exciting journey to the IT world.


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Source: Salary statistics information has been sourced from, which reflects median annual salaries as of March 2018. Employment growth outlook information comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for 2016-2026.