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8 Kinds of College Professors

You’ve seen them around the campus, you’ve sat down and listened to them during classes, and they made your school life more interesting than before. No, we’re not talking about your classmates. This time, we’re turning the spotlight on your professors who will most likely change your college experience!


Teacher Chill

They’re so easy to get along with that students’ line-up to get into their classes! They give fascinating lectures and incredibly fair exams - not too easy and not so difficult either.


Hipster Teacher

They’re the new breed of teachers - relatively young and from your generation group. They will surprise you with their varied techie skills to make learning more fun and easily understandable.


Coach Clown

They make boring lectures very entertaining with their great sense of humor to capture the attention of the entire class.


Scary Prof

Recitation every class meeting, pop quizzes, and endless homeworks and projects? They will absolutely test your limits so make sure you’re always prepared when you go to class.


Old School in Your School

They’re the traditional, old school teachers. They avoid using technology as much as possible (because it’s all so complicated) and keep their lectures very simple - handwritten notes and whiteboard are all that matter.



They are all-knowing. They know the lessons inside-out that they don’t even need to bring their materials to class.


Your Best Bud

They’re not just your teacher but also your friend and mentor. Always ready to listen and give sound advice whether it’s about your studies or personal life!


Professor Sunshine

They come to class with a massive smile and full of good vibes. They feel so passionately about the things they teach that you can’t help but be inspired, change the way you think about life in general, and strive hard for world peace!


With their different personalities and teaching styles, you will either love them or hate them but they will undoubtedly leave a life lesson and impression on you that will help you become a better person once you enter the world of work!