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Glowing Up

Your skin is the largest organ in your body.

Aside from the day-to-day exposure to the sun, pollution, and free radicals, your skin can also act up because of the growth hormones and sebum production in your body. Whether you’re looking to lessen the oiliness or ease the dryness of your skin, here are some skincare essentials & habits for that glow. 


Good things start with the basics

If you’re young, your skin won’t need much to be taken care of. For people below 21 years old, having around 10+ steps in your skincare routine could actually break you out. All you need is facial wash, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Avoid toners with alcohol content as they can dry out your skin. You’ll know instantly if the toner has alcohol if it evaporates easily and stings when you get it a little too close to your eyes.


Slap on some SPF

Combat sunburn and skin-aging by applying sunscreen on your skin. If you have red and sensitive skin, slap on that sunscreen on your face, neck, arms, and legs, and you’ll be amazed how calm your skin can be.

For days when you will be staying at home, you can choose to put on SPF 15 PA +++. However, if you will be spending your time outside, it will be best to put on at least SPF 50 PA +++. If you’re being very active for the day or if you sweat a lot, re-apply every 1-2 hours.


Never poke your acne

Let them be! With or without acne, your skin doesn’t like being touched. Moreover, there could be millions of bacteria on your hands. Pimple popping might be satisfying but it can leave scars and bigger wounds that may cause bigger patches of acne.


Stay hydrated and watch your diet

Have a problem with eyebags? Stay off the noodles and chips. Salt causes the body to hold on to extra fluid which makes your face look bloated and your eyebags larger than what they originally are.

You may not be drinking enough water and it shows on your skin. Both oily and dry skin types benefit from drinking enough water. Oily skin produces more oil if it’s dehydrated. This increases chance of having acne. Meanwhile, skin flaking and itchiness begin when dry skin types do not have enough water.


Shaving and plucking aftercare

Shaving and plucking body hair make your pores more susceptible to bacteria and other icky stuff a couple of hours after hair removal. Do not put anything on the skin other than a soothing balm 4 hours after shaving and plucking or else you might risk getting a skin infection. Also, exfoliate the areas where you remove hair. This prevents ingrown hairs.


Say no to fake makeup

You may be tempted to buy that PhP49 lip tint you saw online. But wait… why is it PhP450 on the mall? The cheap one you saw could be fake. Always question the authenticity of the product if it’s less than half the mall prices.

Fake makeup has been lab tested to contain feces and cancer-causing ingredients such as lead and mercury. Yuck!