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Type of #Squads You'll Meet in School

Senior high and college can be both fun and exhausting. It’s filled with amazing, unforgettable, and challenging experiences. But what would all these be without your trusty #SQUAD? Having friends in school is very important as they will be your support system through every rough patch. Let’s take a closer look at the most common cliques you’ll meet in school.


The Popular Kids

A bunch of prom king and queen materials, these campus crushes radiate unshakeable confidence and strong characters. They go to school all glammed up and walk through the hallways as if they own them.

The Sporty Jocks

This group is made up of athletes and varsity players known for their striking physiques and impressive sports stats. They may not be seen in class as often, but they’re still relatively popular in school.

The Over-achievers

Sometimes called the teachers’ pets, these well-rounded kids are good at just about everything. They are the student leaders who excel in class, participate in co-curricular activities, and still find time to do volunteer work.

The Hardcore Gamers

Every school has this group who is a bit socially awkward and tunes out the
world as they get totally absorbed with their devices. These kids usually just sit in the corner and talk nonstop about their virtual standings.

The Indie Artsy Kids

These artistically-gifted students use art, colors, piercings, and distinct hairstyles to express themselves and their own sense of style. Some of them enjoy writing songs or poems, while some are into drawings, paintings, and photography.


Whichever tribe you’re in or whatever type of friends you have, make sure that you build real connections with them. Your school journey will be more memorable and enjoyable when you have real friends by your side.