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Advice For My Future Self


One day you will feel fired up as you live the dream you’ve been working hard for. When that day comes, you will learn to admire your uniqueness and work on your own flaws. You will realize that your worries do not always mean the truth. Until then, you need to be mentally strong and slay the challenges that will come your way to pursue your goals.



Dear Self, for the moments that responsibilities dragged you down and you’ve doubted your own abilities, collect yourself, and move forward. Remember that you are in control. Challenges like deadlines that are impossibly set too close to each other or groupmates that don’t do their fair share will always be present. True, the struggle is real all year. It’s okay to take a break but never give up, ever. There’s a better way to deal with the pressure of schoolwork. After all these years of enduring the stress, this is surely going to be worth it. You got this!


Write all the things you need to do.
Don’t trust a ‘mental’ list. Your phone’s basic Notes app can do the work, but you can also explore other to-do list techniques.

Work by priority.
When deadlines are tight, it’s best to work first on what needs our attention immediately. Start on the one with the closest deadline.

Set a time to get each task done.
Allocate time to be focused on schoolwork and to take a break in between. One popular method is the Pomodoro technique that suggests a 25-minute work period followed by a 5-minute break.

Reward your little accomplishments.
No, it’s not yet time to watch YouTube or K-Drama, or you might just lose track of your precious time. Treat yourself with your favorite snack instead.

Find a friend you can trust.
During tough times, you need a deadline partner who must call you out once he/she sees you online on Facebook or Mobile Legends when you’re supposed to be studying. Let that person hold an item at stake like your phone’s charger or any other important thing that you can only get back once you’re done.


It’s best to understand each other’s strengths and interests in a group project. Don’t judge too quickly but rather help your group members. It won’t do good to jump into conclusions and point fingers when things don’t go as planned. Hear their side and think of their motivation.

Sometimes the best solution on dealing with others is to talk to them in front of everyone. But don’t lose your temper! You’re still a team and one’s mood and attitude towards the project will reflect in your final output.

Look at it as part of the preparation for your career. In companies, when you get assigned in a team, you have no choice but to work well together regardless of each other’s attitude. Keep in mind that in a team, all of you will benefit when you all work together.


Dear Self, clearly, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There will be days when showing up will be hard as your mind hurts and your body is tired. So, put on your brave face and conquer these problems. Even a little change of perspective makes a big difference.


Emotional baggage affects us greatly.

Settle your heart so that you can have a peace of mind. If not managed well, it could even hinder us from accomplishing daily tasks. Being in good relationships let you feel happy, loved, and inspired. But when it goes wrong, it could bring tension, anxiety, and unnecessary pain especially when problems are left unresolved. Expectations from oneself, other people, and the ideal view of relationship set by the media and society can further intensify the conflict.

Ask yourself these questions to help resolve any tension you may be experiencing in your relationships.

What are you truly looking for in a relationship?

Are you expecting too little or too much from your relationship?

Can you talk about problems?

If these problems have caused you to experience episodes of anxiety or depression, however, it’s best to seek help from a professional or your school’s Guidance Counselor.


Dear Self, focus your energy on following the path that leads to your dreams. Your grit and determination will be the key to your goals. Your strong commitment to succeed and the dedication to keep learning and growing from past mistakes will set you apart from others in the journey of chasing your dreams. 


Choose to do what you love. It’s difficult to stay motivated when you’re not interested in what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re unsure of what to focus on, get out, explore, and try activities to find where your personality best fits.

Focus on progress, not perfection. Don’t be afraid to fail. Keep trying and continue practicing until you master your field. Actively point out your weaknesses and work on improving them. Remember your ‘why.’ Keep in mind the reason for doing what you do and how it benefits the people
around you.

Remember your 'why.' Keep in mind the reason for doing what you do and how it benefits the people around you.

Say "I’ll figure it out" instead of "I don’t know." Develop a mindset that recognizes failures, limitations, and challenges as opportunities to learn, experiment, and grow.

Be surrounded by people who motivate you. Beliefs and values are contagious. So, spend time with enthusiastic and hardworking people and be inspired to live your life by their example.


"PS: Look at the bright side of the hard times. That’s what grit and being mentally strong mean. When things don’t go as planned, it does not always mean you failed. Every setback is a reminder that you’ve tried enough, and it only makes you even stronger and ready for the next challenge. Just stick to your goals and you’ll get there in a matter of time!"