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Channels You Should Subscribe To

All hail, YouTube! Thanks to the video-streaming site, we get to watch all sorts of content made by passionate and well-informed people around the world. When you’re done with watching the funniest meme compilations, your fave’s music videos, or cringiest playthroughs — here are some YouTube Channels (both big and small) you should watch and learn from!

For the takaw tingin foodie

Bring those mouth-watering dishes from the screen to your dining table. Watch Binging with Babish as its creator Andrew Rea reverse-engineers the recipes from television shows, movies, and video games. Follow along, recreate your own version, and you may even pick up a culinary technique or two!

Certified helpful for Chef Xpress and Worth the Whisk hopefuls.

For the softie artsy shutter bugs

Composition plays an essential key to storytelling whether it’s in a still image or a video format. Every Frame A Painting takes scenes from films and shows the thinking and logic behind the shot in a manner that’s engaging and visually appealing.

Required viewing for Shutter’s Best and Director’s Cut storytellers.

For the ever so curious

Can’t get enough of random (but really interesting) trivia? Head on over to Vox where you will be met with tons of well-researched and well-made videos on diverse topics ranging from pop culture to music and linguistics to current events.

A knowledge booster for Think Quest takers.

For the dedicated barkada bartender

What goes in your favorite drinks? What makes a particular concoction so delicious? Find out on Cocktail Chemistry, your short and easily digestible mixology and bartending guide. With videos that
feature both basic and advanced techniques, you’ll be itching to mix those drinks by the end of each video.

Best for Mix ‘N Flair candidates.

For the one who doesn’t mind being the center of attention

Public speaking and being onstage are no easy feat. Sometimes the “Fake it 'til you make it” mantra won’t be enough. Enter Charisma On Command and learn how to be more confident in your own skin and charm anyone you’d meet.

Must watch for Stand Up and Deliver speakers and Travelogue guides.

For the future developer

Learning how to code isn’t easy but LevelUpTuts will help you gain the essential skills in web development and coding. There are tons of bigger channels focusing on tech and dev, but what sets creator Scott Tolinski apart is his in-depth but easy to understand tutorials for beginners.

Perfect prep for Codefest developers.


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