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Guide to Adulting

You might know students who can balance getting good grades, enough sleep, and still manage to have a social life.

Ask them how it’s possible and they will probably say time management and sticking to a budget is the key.

These skills benefit your student life and it’s also part of adulting. It’s that phase where you are gradually learning to be independent. Adulting is not a choice to make but rather a process that you should undergo naturally. Start establishing these skills to achieve your academic and career goals effectively.

Time Management Tips

Plan your schedule

Identify which projects are the most important and start tasks with close deadlines so you can dedicate enough time and energy in finishing it soon. Set reminders on activities and deadlines using an app, planner, post-its, or whichever kind of to-do list that works best for you.

Avoid distractions

Focus on finishing your task on time. Remove clutter from your workspace, turn your phone to silent mode, and disable your social media accounts.

Stay healthy

Along with eating nutritious food and getting exercise, having enough sleep will give you the energy and stamina to survive at school.


Money Saving Tips


Pen down all your sources of money. Make a list of things you expect to shell out for like food, transportation, and books then align them to your budget according to priority. Decide which ones are your needs and your wants.

Cut unnecessary expenses

Think twice before buying that premium subscription or before clicking 'add to cart.' Learn to say "no" to invites if you don’t really have the budget for it.

Bring your 'baon'

The best way to maintain a low daily budget is to bring your own lunch and snacks. It can save you from spending extra for buying at the cafeteria or convenience stores.