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Know Your Millenial Slanguage

TDF is a shortcut for the phrase "to die for" and it describes anything that is extremely good and somewhat life-changing to the point that you'd be willing to exchange your limbs, life, and soul to get or experience it.

Just like how receipts are the proof of purchase, receipt is the evidence or proof of something that happened or said in the form of screenshots and pictures.

Ex. I keep receipts on people's problematic tweets.

Usually used to describe events, activities, or things that are fun. Other variations include "fire."

Ex. Dude! The Talent Search performances are so lit! Their costumes are so fire!

TBH is used as a shortcut for "to be honest," before going in for either an unpopular opinion or a confession.

The state of being shocked or shaken caused by something or someone great, unbelievable, or absurd.
Ex. Have you seen Kanye's new music video? That got my mind all shookt!

A twist on the phrase "grow up." This refers to someone or something’s drastic transformation, usually in a positive way.
Ex. Did you see Cole Sprouse on Riverdale? A total glo up from his Disney days.

An abbreviation for "shaking my head," SMH is the anti-LOL. This is used to express disappointment, disagreement, or disbelief.

Being low-key is the state of being calm or restrained, or when you want to keep something (usually a guilty pleasure) a secret.
Ex. I’m low-key addicted to anime. Don’t tell anyone.

Something you’d say when you want to say "no." Scoobs is the modern take on dehins or hindi. From the character Scooby Doo who is a great Dane. Dein = Dehin
Ex. Scoobs ako dyan bro. I’m already saving up for the BTS concert.

This is when someone decides to suddenly cut-off all communication with someone without any warning or notice. Someone who’s ghosting you will avoid you in public as well as your phone calls and texts. They might even block you in social media.