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How the Retail Industry Came to Be

Are you one of those individuals who enjoy the perks of online shopping?

It cannot be denied that the global retail industry is greatly affected by technological innovations that have brought major changes to the way we buy and sell products or services. The next decade will continue to revolutionize the landscape of retail and will be the golden age of the consumer, with shoppers having more choices and control than ever before.       

For businesses to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the consumers, they would need  a deep understanding of and connection to their customers through disruptive technologies and transformative business models in both the offline and online space.

Retailers need to gain insights about consumers in the emerging markets, build strong presence in various environments, and professionals who are proficient in retail technology and operations, consumer behavior, and data analytics.

To develop graduates who will be ready for the future of business and for work, STI launched a new innovative program Bachelor of Science in Retail Technology and Consumer Science to meet the current demands of the retail industry with core competencies in retail marketing, data science, consumer psychology, and information technology

The 2-year Associate in Retail Technology will also be offered for students who want to gain knowledge and skills in building, managing, and sustaining retail brands that connect to today's consumers.

Without a doubt, the emergence of the internet transformed the entirety of the retail industry. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, a new era where more functions are becoming automated and taken over by machines - in great contrast to how the trade and retail began - having strong business, technical, and analytical skills are more important than ever. 

Now, let us take a look at the changes in the world of retail over the years.


The admission for BS Retail Technology and Consumer Science and 2-year Associate in Retail Technology is ongoing. For more information, visit your preferred STI campus and inquire.


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