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9 Exercises You Can Do in School

“A healthy body makes a healthy mind.”

Without a doubt, exercise makes your body and brain healthy. It improves not only your memory but also your mood.

As a student who is dealing with various school tasks, making time to workout can be really difficult and challenging. Fortunately, you can still be fit without going to the gym.

Here are 9 simple exercises you can do in school that will help you to be physically and mentally healthy.


1. Water Bottle Curls

Works your: Biceps

Perfect for: In the classroom while waiting for your next class

Lift the water bottle up to your shoulder for 15 times to get a quick and easy workout. This exercise helps you build strength in your wrists.


2. Tricep Dips

Works your: Triceps

Perfect for: In the classroom while thinking about your study plans for the exam week

Place your hands on the edge of your chair. Slide your butt off the chair with your legs in front of you. Slowly raise and lower yourself.


3. Sitting Arm Stretching

Works your: Arms and abdominal muscles

Perfect for: In the library while reading your next lesson

Sit on the edge of your chair then stretch your arms out. Contract your abdominal muscles as you keep your back straight.


4. Wide Arm Stretching

Works your: Shoulders, chest, and back

Perfect for: In the classroom, while waiting for your friend to arrive

Stretch your arms out to your sides then bring them forward until they meet. After this, stretch your arms out in front of you. Repeat.


5. Chair Squats

Works your: Butt, lower back, and legs

Perfect for: In the classroom while generating new ideas for a project

Stand in front of your chair. Squat down until your butt is just above your seat. Hold for 10 seconds then sit back down.


6. Shoulder Shrugs

Works your: Shoulders and upper back

Perfect for: In the library while studying for an exam

Move your shoulders as close as you can to your ears for five seconds. Repeat. This strengthens your muscles in your shoulders and upper back.


7. Seated Leg Raise

Works your: Abdominal and thigh muscles

Perfect for: In the classroom, while memorizing important terms

While sitting, lift your legs at a 90-degree angle for 10 seconds.


8. Floor Push-ups

Works your: Chest, arms, shoulders

Perfect for: In the classroom, while waiting for your student organization’s meeting

Lie with your stomach on the floor. Place your hands underneath your shoulders. Do this by pushing up from the floor until your arms are fully extended. Lower yourself slowly until you are back to the starting position. Repeat as necessary.


9. Stair Climbing

Works your: Lower body

Perfect for: When going to your next class

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do this while flexing your abs. Climbing stairs is a great form of cardio exercise that helps you burn calories. This also helps you build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.


Being a busy bee doesn’t mean that your health and wellness have to suffer. Achieving a healthy body and mind doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. It takes hard work, dedication, and consistency. By doing these simple exercises, you are allowing yourself to be in shape despite a hectic schedule.