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Wearing Hearts on Matching Sleeves

The matching couple trend is on the rise as we see couples in identical ensembles almost everywhere. This craze has its roots back in the 90’s when South Korean TV stars started wearing well-coordinated outfits.

The “couple look” or keo-peul-look is particularly huge in South Korea and other Asian countries like Japan and China. Now we can see many Filipinos including on-screen couples hop on the bandwagon with their themed OOTDs or Outfits Of The Day. #RelationshipGoals

In case you don’t know, every couple — celebrities and non-celebs alike — can take PDA to a different level by rocking on a twinning outfit for love’s sake. Because those who dress together, stay together!

But not every matchy-matchy OOTD is double-tap ? worthy so be careful not to go overboard and make people around you cringe! Remember: Your goal is to look cute as a couple, not as identical twins.

Below are some style tricks you and your partner may consider in nailing the couple outfit:

Color coordination is key!

Drop the cheesy “I’m hers” and “She’s mine” statement tees and go for themed OOTDs — like a black and white combo. You don’t have to dress exactly alike to go #twinning. Try mixing and matching complementary colors or patterns for an impressive wardrobe coupling.

Don't attempt to match everything.

You don’t have to be each other’s clone. One way to pull the couple look together is to match just a few key pieces like your shoes or a hoodie. Go uber stylish with couple sneakers or a matching denim jacket.

Accessorize in sync.

Sometimes it’s all down to the details. It’s easier to cop the couple outfit by coordinating the accessories. It could be a matchy-matchy snapback hat, a trendy couple bag or some cute iconic socks. It’s a fun and more subtle way of showing the couple look.