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Becoming Your Own Master

Masters, experts, and pros take the quote “practice makes perfect” to heart. They made their own investments to become really good at what they do. A repetition of an activity is the next step to learning by practicing, and these people spent not money but time in forming good habits to become hardwired to a skill. Here’s a checklist for you to follow as you partake in the process of becoming a pro in something.

What CAN you do?

This is different from what you want to do and what you are good at. If you want to be an expert on something, choose a skill you are capable of doing. Can you cook? Can you do backflips? Can you sculpt really good figures? If you are in doubt about your skills, try and discover what you can do!

Get started

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to try cooking. But just the thought of this complicated activity is starting to overwhelm you that it suddenly becomes discouraging to try. The secret to getting started is to break down the tasks into small, more manageable ones until you zero in on what you need to do first. Begin with the most basic ones: What are the ingredients you need to cook? What are they for? Where can you get them? Remember, the key to achieving anything is to take the first step!

Set daily goals

As what was said above, repeat what you did the previous day and the next day, until it becomes a routine. The more you do something, the more it creates a pattern inside your head until it’s part of your everyday activities! Let’s go back to cooking. You can cook your meals everyday and try new recipes while you’re at it. Strive for frequency and consistency! If you missed one of those cooking sessions, make up for it next time!

Involve other people

You’re noticing the improvement in the taste of your dishes, and you’re proud you have reached this far. You want to become one of the world’s celebrity chefs, and you can feel it so close within your grasp! But wait! How can you be sure that you are as good as you think? Believing in yourself is one thing, but asking other people about your progress is on the other side of the coin. Let them critique your work and tell you what else you can do to improve the dishes you cook. The support system that you receive from these people will pave the way to your expertise.

Make it a habit

And the cycle continues: you cook everyday, you measure every spice you add for the taste to come through, and you have asked people to taste test it for you. You realized that you have made yourself a pro, and you seemed to have reached the end of the line. Don’t stop! Nurture the potential you have, and it can take you places. Legends never stop training until they have reached absolute perfection. And then they keep going. That’s how they become masters of their trades.

Each of us is born with our own set of talents and skills. To try everything that we want and can do give us a better opportunity to discover what we’re really good at. And when you get a good grip of it, it’s time for you to become better! Start small, and then make it a habit to aim higher!

Want to track your progress? You can make your own habit tracker! Research says it takes 66 days to form a new habit. List the habits you want to follow and mark each day that you did them. Here is a sample template that you can use for up to 20 days.