In today’s digital age, the videos we watch on the internet have changed the way we communicate and learn. Platforms like YouTube, Khan Academy, and TED Talks have enhanced video consumption for educational purposes. Over 70% of searches on YouTube are  “How to” contents, signifying that people look for engaging and informative content on video and entertainment platforms. Just recently, TikTok, the fastest growing social media app, has taken a step forward as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The social media giant launched #LearnOnTikTok program, an initiative that encourages creative learning and funds a range of educational videos during lockdowns.

TikTok partnered with 800 public figures, media publishers, educational institutions, and industry professionals to create various learning contents ranging from unique science experiments, creative math tricks, and easy DIY projects to useful life hacks and motivational messages.

Now with more than 22.6 billion views and counting, #LearnOnTikTok is a force to be reckoned with.

Because learning on TikTok?

Why not?  

We put together some TikTok users you should check out! 


Science-related Videos:

Into science and health-related facts and fun experiments? Check out and follow @instituteofhumananatomy, @discovery, @chemteacherphil, @billnye, or @medicineexplained.


Cooking and Baking Clips:

Want to learn a thing or two about cooking or baking? You should definitely look up @tastemade, @thatdudecancook, @acooknamedmatt, and @theicingartist.



Art Tips and Tricks:

For drawing, painting, and art tips and tricks, watch and learn from @auditydraws, @jamesllewis, and @baleryanngg.


Language Learning:

Learn and expand your English vocabulary by simply watching @sir.arjay, @blnxh, and @thejanuarius. Get schooled on the basics of other foreign languages like Japanese and Korean through @mikee.misalucha and @katrinareika.


Student Tips:

If you search #LearnOnTikTok, there’s not a chance you won’t see a video from @lyqamaravilla, a Filipina TikToker who makes Math and English-related short clips and gives various tips for students.

Although TikTok is known for user-generated entertainment videos like viral memes, dynamic dance videos, and funny lip-synchs and challenges, the platform’s move to diversify its content by producing learning content marks a very significant shift.

So if you’re on the app and you want to learn something, you know where to go and who to search for. Feel free to share your favorite learning content and TikToker on the comments section.


Source: https://www.col.org/news/col-blog/importance-tiktok-type-videos-learning