The Gen Z Bakasyunistas


Here’s for the frequent flyers, jet-setters, globetrotters, wanderers, and vacationers out there!

This summer, as you hit the road and set off to a new place, check out this quick rundown of the seven types of travelers you will most probably encounter. Read through and find out where you fall.



The Vloggers

If it’s not on their IG feed and Facebook My Day, then it did not happen. Never without their phones or cameras, these bakasyunistas want everything documented—from the first vacay meal up to the last adventure trip.


The Shoestring Travelers

This budget-conscious bakasyunistas set off carrying their signature backpack with tight travelling budgets. They are known to travel light and prefer destinations where roughing out is not an issue and fun is in full swing. With the aim of saving money on their trips, these travelers prefer walking to taking cabs and staying in hostels rather than hotels.


The Thrill Seekers

With unmatched energy, these adrenaline junkies and daredevils are out for the thrill. They travel far and wide in search of their next adventure. From mountain climbing and cliff jumping to scuba diving, they crave excitement and love to try new things.


The Soloists

Solo travelers choose to venture into the world alone, and on their own terms. Their trips may be planned to the last detail or delightfully vague, but it doesn’t matter because they answer to no one but themselves.


The Love Birds

These bakasyunistas are always in pairs. They are easy to spot because they really don’t take their eyes off one another. Talk about creating memories together, they like to take selfies and photos for mementos because #couplegoals.


The Typical Tourists

There is the typical tourist who prefer sticking to well-known destinations and do the usual touristy activities, often during established holiday seasons. They may join the organized tours or be entirely guided by travel guides and books.



The Groupies

And of course, there are these breed of travelers who are constantly in the lookout for affordable “joiners” tour packages. They love to travel in packs, socialize, and explore new destinations with groups of friends or family members.
They usually make the most out of their
holiday and vacations.


To each his own when it comes to traveling, they say. So whether you see yourself in one of the categories or not, it’s totally fine! Go ahead and explore the world on your terms, in your way.