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Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management (BSREM)

The BS Real Estate Management program is designed to develop students' technical know-how in brokerage, appraisal, and consultancy in relation to commercial, rental and private property, and salesmanship. The program also trains students to become proactive and responsive to the changes in economic and political environment by means of providing technical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills that support real estate transactions. The integration of theories learned inside the classroom and on-the-job training will give students a broad and enriched base for a career in real estate service profession.


Campuses with BSREM


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  • Render professional advice and judgement on real estate services
  • Perform appraisals and assessments of real estate properties
  • Act as expert and/or broker of a party in a real estate transaction
  • Perform service for and in behalf of a real estate broker
  • Prepare, analyze, and evaluate reports, proposals, and concept papers
  • Anticipate and plan for emerging trends in the real estate industry

 Career Opportunities


  • Real Estate Account Manager
  • Real Estate Marketing Manager
  • Real Estate Supervisor
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Real Estate Consultant
  • Local Government Assessor
  • Entrepreneur