STI gives new meaning to Education

May 2005


One of the main roles of education is to prepare an individual for life. Education provides an individual the foundation to face the challenges of life and be able to adapt to real-life situations. And one of the very first tests of a good education is being able to apply what one learns in school in the work environment.


As a pioneer in modern education and now the Philippines’ largest network of colleges, STI has been known to provide practical and real-life education for 22 years now. Its unique academic system reflects its mission to develop individuals to become productive and valuable members of society.


Through its complete human resource development approach to education, STI makes sure that its graduates are well prepared to face the challenges that may come their way in work and in life.


STI’s “Education for Real Life”, in essence, allow students to learn practical skills and useful knowledge which they can easily apply in real-life situations. This is because STI’s curriculum is designed by industry practitioners to ensure that what the students learn is aligned with industry needs and trends. To make learning effective, lessons are delivered only by accredited faculty members.


Another important factor in STI’s academic delivery system is the modern facilities of STI campuses. More than the usual blackboards and chalk method, STI students get to learn in a more interactive process using the latest tools in ICT-enhanced education. STI’s modern facilities provide a conducive learning environment so that professors can focus on teaching and students can concentrate on learning.


By actually understanding and realizing how technology really works and what makes it relevant to different professions, STI graduates get properly “acclimatized” to the existing standards and practices used in various industries.


Soon, STI plans to implement Operation Spoken English Environment Program (OSEEP) in its campuses nationwide to help students develop better English-speaking capabilities through practice. Again, this is in response to a real-life need – the need for English proficiency in the global economy.


Real-life education is what STI provides its students. After all, education is about preparing individuals to succeed in a journey called life.


Student Assistance from Enrollment to Employment


In line with its commitment to provide real-life education, STI introduced starting last year a unique human resource value chain called Enrollment to Employment System or E2E System- a system that provides students applicable education, job market skills, job preparedness, and job placement assistance.


As the name implies, the E2E system provides a complete set of services to its students, from the time they enroll in college up to the time they look for a job.


To ensure that this promise is adequately met, STI first entered into an agreement with international consulting firm Universal Workers Inc., a training and review company that provides healthcare workers and other professionals with advanced skills, to make them more competitive in the global market.


STI then entered into an agreement with Global Resource for Outsourced Workers (GROW) to allow STI to assist qualified graduates get rewarding jobs here and abroad. Thanks to its partnership with GROW, STI graduates will soon be given an opportunity to work in some of the major institutions affiliated with GROW. Today, GROW is now eyeing to supply more than 1,000 workers each year as part of its E2E recruitment efforts.


Preparing High School graduates for college


Aside from taking care of its graduates in college, STI has also come up with a program that would help improve the chances of high school graduates in coping and performing well for their tertiary education. The same entailed subjecting the students in actual, real-life situations in college so they’d be better prepared.


STI is thus inviting high school students to join “Career Factor”, a college preparatory training program that is offered for FREE; regardless of the school or course that one chooses after graduation.


It is also one of the many efforts of STI in line with its commitment to help uplift the standard of education for the Filipino youth, and may be considered as a vital cog in the education institution’s desire to help make them become productive members of society.


Career Factor is designed to be a learning adventure that’s full of fun challenges, self-discovery, total participation and interactive games for graduating high school students. Based on their respective skills and competencies, the program is envisioned to help the students decide on which particular course to take in college.


Among the featured activities in Career Factor are role-playing, observation, mental imagery, writing tasks, projects and simulations. Given all these, one gets a feeling that whichever course one takes in college this school year, one is assured that whatever skills learned in STI’s “Career Factor Challenge” may immediately be applied in real life situations.


Various programs for Career Factor are now ongoing at STI campuses nationwide. For more information, please call Ms. Bang Lawag or Ms. Fiona Lota at 891-3793. Interested parties may also visit