STI gets ICDL accreditation from the Philippine Computer Society

December 2005


RP's largest network of colleges become first private educational institution approved as testing center

The Philippine Computer Society (PCS) recently entered into an agreement with STI in an effort to raise the standards of computer literacy in the Philippines. The initiative is in line with the society’s goal of producing world-class IT-practitioners even as it encourages employers to require their employees to undergo training and accreditation in basic computer skills. It calls for the appointment of STI as its officially recognized testing center for the International Computer Driving License (ICDL).


As such, STI not only becomes the country’s first and only private institution, but also the first education institution to become accredited as a testing center for the ICDL. To date, only the National Computer Center (NCC), a government agency has been given the same official recognition. STI, the country’s largest network of colleges, was reportedly chosen for its industry-leading position in the field of ICT and ICT-enabled education as well as its easily accessible schools situated in strategic locations throughout the country.


The ICDL is a standard of basic computer competence recognized worldwide. Having an ICDL license proves that one has skills to operate a fundamental range of everyday computer applications. As the benchmark in computer literacy, it helps organizations and individuals to reach the basic ICT skills needed in today’s information society. To achieve an ICDL, the applicant must successfully pass one theoretical and six practical tests on:


  • • Basic concepts of IT

  • • Using the computer and managing files

  • • Word processing

  • • Spreadsheets

  • • Databases

  • • Presentations

  • • Information and Communication


These tests can be attempted in any order and at any given time. Each successfully completed test is endorsed on an ICDL Skills Card and only an accredited Test Center, such as STI, can carry out testing and issue Skills Cards.