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STI Lipa: Evolving for a Better Change
January 26, 2006
STI College Lipa

Education pioneering every Pinoy student through one-of-a-class curriculum and high technology ambiance: that’s STI’s mission to its disciples…a mission that will surely hone and prepare them to be globally competitive. Despite having such, STI still continues to innovate and discover more quality teaching supports, coping up with the latest trends in our technology-driven world.

Here in STI College Lipa, I personally witnessed these changes with my third year residency. Since I chose this as my alma mater, as my training field to the world of professionals, I may say that being part of it is indeed a choice to be proud of. I was overwhelmed when I first stepped in STI. With its high-qualified faculty and courseware, my future is ensured. Excluding its approachable admin and staff, quality facilities and comfortable classrooms that will surely add more flavour to learning, every single cent one has to pay for his or her tuition fees will be guaranteed commendable.

Behind all these things, the innovations made to have more satisfying output never come to a conclusion. Starting of with this development, STI Lipa made its learning ground more comfortable by some certain renovations such as new tint and air-con units for the whole campus. Included with the metamorphosis is the extension of new rooms and offices. Also, STI Lipa added new computer units for the computer laboratories and Internet room. More of these developments, new programs were offered including Computer Engineering and Business Administration – which, I must say is the greatest expansion made. Through this, new knowledge will be bestowed upon to produce more competitive professionals in the future. Indeed, its attributes are proven to be very convincing when some of its graduates made it through the field of IT-driven industry. The living proofs are Rodel Dagumampan, Mark Guerra, and Ivy Elaine dela Cruz, junior programmers in Makati, Pasig, and Japan respectively. Add to these power-house cast are Von Castillo, IT specialist in Hitachi and Sir Howell Gil, Network Support in FAITH.

Currently, STI is still sprouting and standing tall behind the challenges brought by the fast-growing world… sowing seeds of wisdom among the new genres of our nation to have a fruitful harvest in the near future.

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