Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAT)

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology program is a non-board program designed to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills on accounting standards and techniques to prepare them for careers as bookkeepers, auditors and accounting staff. This will also equip them with specific skills for entry into the BPO industry and other accounting profession. The program will also prepare graduates for eventual entry into the regular degree program of the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.


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  • Develop and practice negotiation skills
  • Use mathematical concepts and techniques
  • Maintain client relations
  • Manage own performance
  • Apply quality standards
  • Perform computer operations
  • Identify knowledge , skill, and values considered necessary to perform effectively in today's rapidly changing environment
  • Develop an international perspective
  • Develop knowledge concerning macro-environmental, economic and industry issues
  • Use IT concepts for business systems
  • Operate computer-based systems on internal control
  • Carry out abstract logical and critical thinking
  • Review financial data and systems
  • Interpret financial data and systems
  • Evaluate financial data and systems
  • Form conclusions on validity, usefulness, and correctness of financial data
  • Recommend based on the financial data
  • Solve problems arising in an organization
  • Link data, knowledge, and insight from different sources and disciplines
  • Maintain an appropriate level of professional competence
  • Review internal control system


Career Opportunities

  • Financial Services Manager
  • Senior Information Systems Internal Auditor
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting Staff
  • Senior Forensic Internal Auditor
  • Financial Statement Preparer
  • Management Accounting Staff
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Accounting Technician
  • Senior Fraud Examiner
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Tax Accounting Staff
  • Internal Audit Staff
  • Financial Analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Comptroller




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